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Screen Reader User Survey #4

WebAIM is happy to announce an updated screen reader user survey. Please take the survey and help spread the word. It will be open until May 25.


Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Join us on May 9th as we increase global awareness of digital accessibility.

WebAIM Web Accessibility Training

Join WebAIM for two days of intensive web accessibility training May 23-24, 2012.

Tips and Resources

Screen Reader Demos, Research and Resources

A list of useful screen reader demonstration videos and tools.

Improve Accessibility in HTML5 with WAI-ARIA Landmark Roles

Make your HTML5 site more accessible using this simple ARIA markup.

Caption Format Converter

Easily convert captions across a variety of media types.

Hiding content untangled: Hiding vs. moving out of the visible viewport

Marco Zehe details the various methods for hiding web content.

Accessible Dropdown Menus

An exploration of the ways to present accessible menu systems.

Quick Tip: Avoid Form Auto-focusing

Users should typically have control over the position of their cursor. Avoid using JavaScript or the HTML5 autofocus attribute to automatically place focus into a form control unless the entire purpose of that application is for user interaction in that field (such as the Search text box at google.com). Automatically setting focus within the page can cause confusion for keyboard users who immediately interact with internal page content rather than the page's initial content (typically the site name/logo and navigation).

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