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May 2016 Newsletter


Web Reg "Do Over?": DOJ Withdraws Title II Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, Issues Supplemental Advanced Notice Seeking Further Comments

Public entities and private businesses have been waiting for years – since 2010 – for the Department of Justice to issue regulations setting a standard for website accessibility. The DOJ has announced that it is stepping backward rather than moving forward in that process. You can also read additional insight into this rulemaking action.

WebAIM Web Accessibility Training

We have opened registration for our next training to be held July 19-20, 2016 in Logan, Utah. Register now to secure your seat.


Using navigation landmarks

Léonie Watson provides excellent guidance for using HTML5 elements and ARIA to provide landmarks to facilitate screen reader navigation.

The Writer's Guide to Making Accessible Web Content

Here's how you can play a role in making the web a more accessible place, and optimize your content for everyone.

Spring 2016 Digital Accessibility Legal Update

Lainey Feingold has provided another regular update to the legal accessibility space.

Danger! Testing Accessibility with real people

Four screen reader users provide arguments for using ARIA and its associated keyboard interactions according to the specification.

Quick Tip: Conveying Information Using Color Alone

Avoid using color or other stylistic differences as the only means of conveying information or meaning. Blind users do not care about the color, font size, or styling of text, so long as the visual aspects of that text are not used to convey content. Screen readers generally do not present stylistic information to the end user. Users with certain types of color deficiencies (color blindness) may not be able to differentiate certain color combinations. Users with low vision may override page colors. Each of these may have difficulty differentiating content based on color alone.

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