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December 2017 Newsletter


Screen Reader User Survey #7 Results

Results from the most recent screen reader user survey are now available. There were 1792 responses to the survey, which was conducted October 2017.


WebAIM Training

Registration for the February 27-28 web accessibility training is now open.

DOJ Nixes All Pending ADA Rulemakings, Including Website Access Rules

Instead of having clear rules to follow, businesses will have to look to the constantly evolving patchwork of decisions coming out of the courts for guidance. Meanwhile, the number of website accessibility lawsuits continues to surge as businesses scramble to make their websites accessible.


24 Accessibility

24 days of digital accessibility gifts during the season of giving and sharing.

Building a Culture of Accessibility: Leadership Roles

At the organizational level, this means establishing leadership, developing internal accessibility policies and practices throughout the organization, and equipping your teams for success.

How to Boost Your Website's Accessibility + SEO

If you have a limited budget and/or timeframe for a project, targeting these six areas may simultaneously boost both SEO and website accessibility.

Web Accessibility: What You Say vs. What I Hear

Issues identified through assistive technology such as screen readers are often treated as bugs—backlogged and forgotten in lieu of new feature development. Let me be clear: I think looking at accessibility this way is all wrong.

Accessible Links Re:visited

The recipe for accessible links seems self-evident: they need to have good affordance, visually change when focused, and clearly convey to screen readers and conventional browsers alike what content the link will open or where the user will go.

Quick Tip: Mobile Keyboard Accessibility

The recent WebAIM screen reader user survey results show that over 40% of respondents always, often, or sometimes used a keyboard when using a mobile device. Mobile apps and mobile web content are often considered to be touch-only. This often results in keyboard accessibility being overlooked and rarely tested - mobile menus, in particular, are often not keyboard accessible. Because many users on mobile devices may be using a keyboard, be sure to consider and test keyboard accessibility in your mobile content.

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