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July 2018 Newsletter


Updated WCAG 2 Checklist

WebAIM's popular WCAG checklist has been updated to include new WCAG 2.1 success criteria and to reflect current techniques.


WebAIM Document Accessibility Course

A new cohort of WebAIM's Document Accessibility online course will begin August 6th. The course shows you easy ways to improve accessibility in your Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and PDF documents. Beginners welcome! No web development or design experience required.

WebAIM Training

Registration is now open for the September 11-12 WebAIM web accessibility training in Utah.


Comparing 3 Top Automated Accessibility Testing Tools: WAVE, Tenon.io, and Google Lighthouse

Automated tools for testing accessibility have evolved to a point where you don't have to look hard to find dozens of examples of thorough and reliable tools that test for adherence to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Get started with accessibility: A primer based on experience

Susan Robertson shares her experiences as a newcomer to the accessibility field.

Asking about compliance? You may be asking the wrong question

Lainey Feingold examines how questions related to compliance often overlook impacts on end users.

The current state of modal dialog accessibility

Modal dialogs continue to be troublesome UI components all across the web. Putting aside the fact they are often misused and thrust on users in a manner that interrupts their current task, even appropriately used modals often lack considerations for accessibility.

Quick Tip: Text Adaptations

No matter what text size, weight, font face, styling, and colors you choose, the user gets the last word! Users can change all of these attributes to fit their needs, and can also change letter, word, line, and paragraph spacing. To ensure that your message still gets through, be sure that your interface can adapt to changes like these. One common pitfall is when text containers are given a fixed height. As text within the container is changed, it may bleed out and overlap or obscure other page content. To avoid this, we recommend avoiding fixed, pixel heights.

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