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August 2019 Newsletter


The WebAIM Million Update

A 6-month re-analysis of the top 1,000,000 home pages shows changes in web accessibility.

WebAIM Screen Reader User Survey #8

If you use a screen reader, please complete this brief survey before September 13th. Results help inform development choices for those creating accessible web content and web standards.


WebAIM Training

Registration in now open for WebAIM's web accessibility training to be held October 22-23 in Logan, Utah.

Document Accessibility Training

A new cohort of WebAIM's online Document (Word, PowerPoint, and PDF) Accessibility course will begin September 9th.


SEO and Accessibility: Real Talk

One of the "business benefits of accessibility" is that accessibility will improve your site’s SEO. This is technically true, but it's important to be clear about what accessibility can actually do for your SEO.

Getting to the Heart of Digital Accessibility

Carie Fisher outlines the stages of the digital accessibility journey, culminating in understanding and caring about the user.

Tooltips in the time of WCAG 2.1

Sarah Higley presents the difficulties with tooltip accessibility and how narrowing the definition of "tooltip" can provide a reasonable solution.

Short update on multiple labels for

While support for multiple label elements referencing a single control has improved, it is still not a recommended practice.

Hey Domino's, you’re not delivering

Domino's Pizza has deliberately refused to fix their website for accessibility, taking the fight to the US Supreme Court.

Quick Tip: Test contrast with Chrome Developer Tools

The Chrome Developer Tools now provide easy and powerful contrast checking. Simply inspect an element and choose a text foreground color from the Style pane to see how that color aligns with WCAG 2 contrast requirements. You can even check the contrast of link or button hover and focus states. More details at https://webaim.org/articles/contrast/devtools.

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