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October 2019 Newsletter


Significant WAVE Updates

WAVE now gives you more power, more flexibility, and a fresh new interface.


NEW: StrategicA11y - The Strategic Web Accessibility Workshop

There's more to accessibility than HTML. Learn how to foster an internal culture of accessible design and development holistically, at all levels of your organization. January 22-24.

WebAIM Training

Registration is now open for WebAIM's technical web accessibility training to be held December 3-4 in Logan, Utah.


Stop Giving Control Hints to Screen Readers

For standard HTML controls and standard ARIA patterns (widgets), you do not need to add instructions for screen readers on how to use them nor what they are.

Auditing For Accessibility Problems With Firefox Developer Tools

In Firefox 70, the Accessibility Inspector has become an auditing facility to help identify and fix many common mistakes and practices that reduce site accessibility.

Section 508 Conformance: A Need-to-Know Guide

A short primer on Section 508 - the technical guidelines for US federal agencies.

U.S. Supreme Court Won't Hear the Domino's Case (Hooray!)

The United States Supreme Court rejected Domino's Pizza's efforts to overturn the Ninth Circuit federal appeals court opinion on web and mobile accessibility.

An Introductory Guide to Understanding Cognitive Disabilities

How to make technologies accessible to people with cognitive disabilities, a type of disability that is often overlooked.

Quick Tip: Contrast of Link/Button States

Links and buttons must provide sufficient contrast to their background color, even when presented in their various states, such as when hovered with a mouses or focused via keyboard navigation. Links and buttons are often styled to change color in these states. Because hover and focus states typically indicates the exact moment that the element is being read, it is best to change the colors to increase the contrast in theses states rather than decrease the contrast.

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