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September 2019 Newsletter


Screen Reader User Survey #8 Results

The results of WebAIM's 8th screen reader user survey are now available. There are several interesting and surprising findings.


NEW: StrategicA11y - The Strategic Web Accessibility Workshop

WebAIM is pleased to announce this new, comprehensive workshop on organizational accessibility to be held January 22-24.

WebAIM Training

A few seats remain open for WebAIM's technical web accessibility training to be held October 22-23 in Logan, Utah.


Button Contrast Checker

This new, powerful tool provides feedback on button and link contrast in various states, including contrast issues with keyboard focus indicators.

Core Accessibility Concerns for Human Resources

The accessibility of HR systems and processes are often overlooked.

How To Get Development on Board With Accessibility Testing

Accessibility can often feel like an unwelcome and overwhelming disruption, slowing developers down and forcing them to rewrite what they thought was perfectly good code.

Renewed Web and Physical Accessibility Congressional Efforts an Exercise in Futility?

Congress Members recently renewed their efforts to take legislative action and urge the DOJ take regulatory action regarding physical and website accessibility, respectively.

An HTML Element Potentially Worth $18M to Indiegogo Campaigns

If Indiegogo had correctly implemented labels on its payment form then last year its campaigns would have had access to more than $18 million dollars.

Quick Tip: Screen Reader Pronunciation

Screen readers often mispronounce words. They may read numbers in ways that are different than they may be spoken by humans. They sometimes read words as acronyms and acronyms as words. In most cases, it is best to present content in a way that makes the most sense visually, then don't be overly concerned about screen reader pronunciation unless it significantly impacts meaning or understanding.

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