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August 2020 Newsletter

WebAIM is celebrating 20 years of improving online accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

#WebAIM20th Fun Fact: WebAIM's Color Contrast Checker was created in 2009 and has been accessed nearly 6 million times to test innumerable color combinations for sufficient contrast.


WCAG 2.2 Overview and Feedback

An overview of the proposed WCAG 2.2 success criteria with WebAIM's feedback and recommendations.


WebAIM Virtual Training

Registration is now open for the WebAIM virtual web accessibility training to be held October 14-15.

Inclusive Design 24

#ID24, 24 hours of inclusive design presentations, will occur September 17th.


UX Series 6: Connecting UX With Digital Accessibility Strategy

The final in a 6-part series on the intersections of Universal Design, User Experience (UX), and Digital Accessibility.

Accessibility Testing is like Making Coffee

In accessibility testing, and when making coffee, we are shooting for the smoothest experience. We want to get to the essence of the thing we’re making. We want to filter out the grit and bitterness and include everything that makes our final product enjoyable.

5 most annoying website features I face as a blind person every single day

For blind and visually impaired people like me, accessibility is the difference between us being able to use a website and clicking off it.

The difference between aria-label and aria-labelledby

The aria-label and aria-labelledby attributes do the same thing but in different ways. Sometimes the two attributes are confused and this has unintended results.

Speech Viewer Logs of Lies

When sighted users test with a screen reader it is common to rely on the visual output. The problem is that what you see in those speech viewers is not always what you hear.

ARIA: poison or antidote?

How lying to screen readers cures accessibility, when it doesn't rub salt in it!

Quick Tip: Keyboard Testing

When designing a website, be sure to test using a keyboard. Some websites may be fully functional when using a mouse or touch input, but completely unusable when using a keyboard. Many users rely on a keyboard or similar assistive technologies to navigate and interact with web content.

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