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February 2021 Newsletter


Accessibility of COVID-19 Vaccine Pages and Barriers to Individuals with Disabilities

On average the 94 state-level COVID-19 vaccine pages averaged 18.9 detectable errors.

Microsoft Word Accessibility

WebAIM's Word article has been significantly updated to reflect accessibility improvements in Office 365.


WebAIM Virtual Training

Registration is open for WebAIM's next virtual web accessibility training to be held March 31–April 1.

Document Accessibility Virtual Workshop

WebAIM is offering a new virtual training on Word, PowerPoint, and PDF accessibility. Registration is open for our April 28-29 workshop.


Accessibility auditing and ego

The goal of an audit isn’t punishment, it is remediation.

Sustainable accessibility

Sustainable accessibility needs a co-ordinated and evolving plan that encompasses every aspect of the organisation.

Not it! A game of accessibility hide-and-seek with technology vendors

True accessibility is a partnership between technology vendors and their customers. Some technology vendors are not owning their role.

Testing Color Contrast in Mobile Apps

Jennifer Dailey provides an overview of text color contrast and how it applies to and is tested in mobile applications.

WhiteHouse.gov: Beginning an accessibility journey

Praise and recommendations for the accessibility statement published by the new administration.

Improving Wireframe Accessibility: A more inclusive Design process

A 3 step process for creating "Text-Based Wireframes" to support better accessibility.

Quick Tip: Don't Print to PDF

When creating a PDF file that will be used electronically, never print to PDF. This removes all the accessibility information from the file and leaves a screen reader user with a long stream of text (at best) or images with no text alternative. Many PDF programs have options to "Create" or "Save As" a tagged PDF which supports accessibility.

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