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July 2021 Newsletter


Evaluating Color and Contrast – How hard can it be?

Testing contrast and use of color is one of the most deceptively difficult tasks in a web accessibility evaluation.


Colorado Mandates Accessibility for State and Local Government Websites

Colorado House Bill 1110 (PDF), signed by Governor Polis on June 30, mandates that state and local government websites adhere to the “most recent” version of WCAG by July 1, 2024.

WebAIM In-person Training Events

We are very excited to resume our hosted in-person trainings in beautiful Logan, Utah! We are hosting two training events in the coming months:

WebAIM Virtual Training

Registration is open for WebAIM's next virtual web accessibility training to be held September 15-16.


Accessibility of the section element

Scott O'Hara describes the minimal ways in which the section element can be helpful for accessibility.

There's no such thing as fully automated web accessibility

Protect yourself and your company from buying an ineffective product that claims it makes websites accessible.

From A Colourblind Designer To The World: Please Stop Using Red And Green Together

Given how common red–green colourblindness is, it's surprising how often I still encounter red and green used for functional elements in user interface (UI) design and information design.

The accessibility stalemate

A lot of excellent accessibility advice never gets distributed beyond the initial audience because people love to call out any accessibility problems with the materials.

Where are the Holes in your Accessibility Data?

The four biggest unanswered accessibility questions for any organisation.

Quick Tip: Label in Name

The "label" text that visually identifies a component should typically be the same as the "name" text read by a screen reader. WCAG requires that the visible text for link, button, and the form input labels must be contained within the text presented to users of assistive technologies. This helps avoid a mismatch between the screen reader and visual experience and ensures that voice control software can properly align the visible text to the underlying control.

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