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Cognitive Accessibility Survey

As part of WebAIM’s Steppingstones of Technology project, we have performed an extensive literature review to identify elements that are often cited as having an impact on users with cognitive and learning disabilities when accessing web content. To further inform us, we invite you to complete a short survey.

WebAIM’s Steppingstones project is one of the first in-depth explorations into web content and cognitive disabilities. Our literature review provided us much insight into the types of things that authors reference as having an impact on web accessibility for people with cognitive and learning disabilities. The survey results will give us more insight into the level of impact these elements might have and how useful it might be for developers to receive feedback regarding these elements in their web design. As part of this project, WebAIM will be developing an evaluation tool that will report on the cognitive load and implications of some of these design elements. The survey results will help us determine which elements we will incorporate into such a tool.

The survey is available online and takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. By completing this survey you will greatly inform our process and support the creation of better tools for increasing accessibility of web content to this important audience.


  1. Mike Cherim

    Will the results be shared once compiled?

  2. Jared Smith


    Yes, the results will be shared.