Upcoming WebAIM Events

The next few months at WebAIM will be full of conferences, presentations and trainings. Below our the sessions and activities we have planned, in chronological order.

WebAIM Web Accessibility Training

March 2-3 in Logan, Utah. More details at the WebAIM training site.

Two days of intensive hands-on training from WebAIM.

SXSW Interactive Festival

March 11-15 in Austin, Texas

Changing the Web Accessibility Game Plan

3:30 – 4:30PM, Saturday, March 12

This open conversation will focus on the current and future state of web accessibility, the role of laws, guidelines, and standards, and how web accessibility can be made more effective and mainstream.

2011 Annual International Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference

Commonly referred to as “CSUN”, this conference will be held March 14-19 in San Diego, California. More details are available on the conference web site.

Accessibility of HTML5 and Rich Internet Applications

9:00AM – 4:30PM, Tuesday, March 15

In conjunction with Hans Hillen and Steven Faulkner of the Paciello Group, WebAIM’s Jared Smith and Jonathan Whiting will immerse you in the latest updates on accessibility features of HTML5 & ARIA plus other advanced techniques for AJAX-driven web applications.

HTML5/ARIA slides

Need for and Benefits of a Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII)

10:40 – 11:40AM, Wednesday, March 16

An international effort is underway to build a Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII) to provide instant accessibility on any device a person encounters, anytime, anywhere.

Screen Reader Web Accessibility Face-off

3:10 – 3:40PM, Wednesday, March 16

This presentation will compare three screen readers (JAWS, NVDA, and VoiceOver) and examine their strengths and weaknesses when working with web content and accessibility standards.

Face-off presentation slides (PDF)

Do We Need to Change the Web Accessibility Game Plan?

3:10 – 4:10PM, Thursday, March 17

This panel featuring Sandi Wassmer, Jennison Asuncion, John Foliot, and Jared Smith will provide a discussion of current web accessibility efforts, whether they are effective or not, and how they can be improved.

CSUN Tweetup

6:00 – 8:00PM, Thursday, March 17

WebAIM is happy to sponsor the CSUN Tweetup, an informal gathering for accessibility professionals to network, discuss, and share.

WebAIM’s Screen Reader User Surveys: Data and Trends

8:00 – 8:30AM, Friday, March 18

Updates, trends, and data from the WebAIM screen reader user surveys will be presented, with a focus on the most recent 2011 survey.

Preview of the Upcoming WAVE 5 from WebAIM

10:40 – 11:40AM, Friday, March 18

Overview and demonstration of the upcoming fifth version of the WAVE web accessibility evaluation tool. Explanation of new content rules and interactive user interface.

Cultivating Web Accessibility

Jared Smith will present the keynote address at the 9th Annual e-Learning 2.0 Conference on Thursday, March 24th.

Power Up 2011 Conference and Expo

Power Up 2011 is scheduled for April 11-12 in Columbia, Missouri.

The Future of Web Accessibility – HTML5 and ARIA

9:00AM Noon, Monday, April 11

HTML5 and ARIA (the W3C’s Accessible Rich Internet Applications specification) are the future of web development and web accessibility. This session will provide an overview of these technologies with a focus on using them to create highly accessible web content and applications.

Social Media Tools and Tactics

3:30 5:00PM, Monday, April 11

Have trouble telling your Twitter from your YouTube? Your LinkedIn from your Digg? This session will give an overview of social media tools and give you tactics for implementing them for personal and organizational development and networking.

Fast Track to Web Accessibility Evaluation and Implementation

8:30 9:30AM, Tuesday, April 12

From where to learn about web accessibility to the most effect evaluation tools to the things you can do today to improve the accessibility of your site, this fast-paced session will give you a wealth of web accessibility knowledge in just one hour.


  1. Cheryl Unterschutz

    Please let me know when the next web accessibility learning opportunity will be available either on-line or near Columbia, MO. I am the web developer for the MU Thompson Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders and I want to ensure that our websites are accessible. Thank you.

    Cheryl Unterschutz