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WebAIM’s 2010 Year In Review

As this year comes to an end, we at WebAIM wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. This is an appropriate time for us to look back at the previous year and also to the future.

In 2010, WebAIM saw many changes. For the first time in our history, we functioned primarily without any grant funding – sustaining the project on WebAIM services and consultation. We consulted with five Fortune 500 companies and many government, non-profit, small business, educational, and other organizations. We saw some staff come and some go. We celebrated the birth of the child of Aaron, one of our software engineers, and Stefanie, a former employee.

We saw the end of Google Wave, yet the original WAVE keeps moving along, processing almost a million web accessibility reports in 2010. And that doesn’t include the countless millions of reports processed by those using the WAVE Firefox toolbar. We’ve very excited about the future of WAVE!

The WebAIM site also saw much activity with millions of page views from visitors in 219 countries. 42% of our site visitors use Firefox. The top search engine phrase that brought people to our site was, for the 5th year running, “Microsoft Word“. Interestingly, 3 of the top 6 search engine phrases have to do with cognitive disabilities.

We posted 15 blog entries, including popular articles on proposed changes to the ADA, the Future of Web Accessibility, and ARIA. Our blog spam filter stopped 162,019 spam messages.

Our e-mail discussion forum saw its most active year ever, with 2,342 posts to date – that’s over 2.6 million distinct e-mail messages distributed.

WebAIM staff also set a new travel record this year, with over 200,000 airline miles flown – enough to go around the world 8 times. We did this in 106 distinct legs. Considering there are only 8 of us on staff and only 3 of us took more than one trip, we really racked up the frequent flier miles. We provided trainings, presentations, consultations, and other services in Nepal, India (twice), Singapore, the Dominican Republic, and at least 15 U.S. states.

Cyndi, Jon, Aaron, Denise, Dio, Jessie, Kim, and I look forward to continuing our mission of bringing about better web accessibility in 2011.


  1. Stephani

    Keep up the good work, you guys are the best!

  2. Catherine Roy

    Congratulations on a great year. Self-sufficiency is a special and wonderful thing. Especially in the context of such an important cause.

  3. Paul

    Cyndi, Jared, et al.,

    Kudos on your 2010 accomplishments (especially within such a small budget), and Please do continue your good work!!! Among other good educational/informative web resources on accessibility, we refer customers to WebAIM …

    BTW, WebAIM Team, if, during the second week of January 2011, you are free/available around Alta/Solitude and want to experience downhill skiing with (or guiding) an all-mountain blind skier and perhaps dialogue/speculate about current/future ICT & Accessibility or other topics during lift rides, lunch whilst hiking off piste, or apres skiing whilst raising a pint of 3.25% Guinness>, please e-mail me off line ASAP…

  4. Steve Grobschmidt

    Congratulations on another great year.

    WebAIM continues to be one of the sites I reference the most, as well as direct other people interested in accessibility. You guys are great for beginners on up to experts!

    Have a great 2011!

  5. Web Axe

    Interesting (and great) news! Congrats on another super year!

  6. Michele Hamlin

    Thanks for the great information! Please keep up the good work and continuing to provide excellent statistics, guidelines, articles and samples on your webaim.org website. I love following Webaxe on twitter! Thanks! TrainerMichele

  7. Priti Rohra

    Well done guys!!

    Congratulations for a good show throughout the year:) Keep the good work going and knowledge flowing and awareness spreading…

    Wish you’ll a Merry Christmas & even better 2011!
    Priti Rohra

  8. bruce lawson

    Congratulations all!

  9. Twitter 508ingGirl

    Happy New Year!

    WebAIM has been a main resource (in my top 5) for me for the past 8 years and I continue to go back to the articles and resources and direct our developers and testers to your site.

    I can’t wait to see the web site update!

    Keep up the GREAT work!

  10. Joshue O Connor

    Well done Jared and all at the Webaim team! It’s a very impressive list for 2010. I hope you guys go from strength to strength in 2011.

  11. Rakesh

    Thats really wonderful Jared. I always refer your website for most of my questions. Maximum are answered. Thank you for your support…
    All the best for 2011..

  12. Mike

    Congratulations on such a good year. Just found your site (I’m behind the times!) and will be refrencing you regularly.