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July 2019 Newsletter


WebAIM Screen Reader User Survey #8

If you use a screen reader, please complete this brief survey to help inform development choices for those creating accessible web content and web standards.

Foxit and PDF Accessibility

This new article provides details on creating and editing accessible PDF documents using PhantomPDF.


WebAIM Training

A few seats remain available for WebAIM's web accessibility training to be held August 13-14 in Logan, Utah.

Document Accessibility Training

A new cohort of WebAIM's online Document (Word, PowerPoint, and PDF) Accessibility course will begin August 5th.


Truths about digital accessibility

Creating, maintaining, or evaluating accessible technology? Here are some things to keep in mind.

Federal ADA Title III Lawsuit Numbers Continue to Climb in 2019

Seyfarth Synopsis: Data from the first six months of 2019 shows a 12% increase over 2018.

Captions and Transcripts and Audio Descriptions, Oh My!

This article hopes to create awareness around the different methods for providing alternatives to audio and video media and when each should be considered.

Avoid Placeholder Text by Animating Form Labels

Christopher Schmitt provides an alternative approach to relying on placeholder text to identify input field functionality.

Maybe Ignore type=search

If you have a valid, accessible search field (with a useful, sensible label) then you can probably ignore type="search" and use type="text" instead.

Accessibility Participants, Managers, and Leaders

There are three groups of people in Accessibility: Participants, Managers, and Leaders. All are necessary but each wears a different hat. Which are you?

Top 5 Rules of ARIA

Even though ARIA was created years ago, some of the developers still misuse ARIA due to the lack of thorough knowledge on the subject.

Quick Tip: Define the main region

The <main> element or ARIA role="main" can be used to identify the main content area of a web page. The WebAIM Million analysis found that only 23.5% of home pages had the main region/landmark identified, compared to over 50% of home pages that defined other types of regions and landmarks. Defining the main region provides a method for users to quickly navigate to this important content.

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