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January 2023 Newsletter


Creating a Community that Values Accessibility

One of the more effective ways to help an organization make digital accessibility a closely held value is to approach the effort as a community-building experience.

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How to Build Great HTML Form Controls

Today I'm going to show you all the things to consider when building the perfect HTML input. Despite its seemingly simple nature, there's actually a lot that goes into it.

Plaintiffs Set a New Record for Website Accessibility Lawsuit Filings in 2022

Plaintiffs filed 3,225 website accessibility lawsuits in federal court in 2022 – a 12% increase over 2021.

Screen Readers support for text level HTML semantics

A detailed report on how screen readers support text semantics, such as b, strong, and mark.

A beginner's guide to link and text accessibility

Links and text accessibility issues are easy to avoid and fix once you know what they are.

Will ChatGPT threaten the future of the digital accessibility field?

In this post, we will explore the potential risks and benefits of using natural language processing models like ChatGPT in the field of digital accessibility, and offer guidance for aspiring professionals on how to use these tools responsibly and effectively.

10 Ways Designers and Researchers Can Meaningfully Engage With Disabled People in 2023

Drawing on my experiences managing a number of research projects across the tech, creative and educational sectors over the past year, here are 10 concrete things designers and researchers can do to make their engagement with disabled people more effective in 2023.

Quick Tip: Page Titles

Providing a descriptive, succinct page title is important for accessibility. The page title text usually appears at the very top of the browser window or in the web page's browser tab. WCAG 2 requires that page titles describe the page content or purpose. Because the page title is read on each page, it should be short - generally no more than a few words. The number of visible characters in the browser tab is limited, so the information that distinguishes that page content should be presented early in the title.

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