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March 2023 Newsletter

The 2023 WebAIM Million

The report on WebAIM's annual accessibility analysis of the top one million home pages is now available. Small improvements to accessibility were discovered, along with notable increases in page sizes and ARIA usage.

Upcoming WebAIM Events

2nd Annual Web Accessibility in Mind Conference

Join WebAIM and Pope Tech online on August 29th and 30th, 2023, for two days of carefully curated digital accessibility talks. All free and recorded for future viewing. Registration is open, and we will begin to announce speakers soon.


Visually hidden content is a hack that needs to be resolved, not enshrined

Introducing a native mechanism to save developers the trouble of having to use a wildly available CSS ruleset doesn't solve any of those underlying issues. It just further pushes them under the rug.

Five tips for focus groups with people who are blind or have low vision

I want to give anyone reading this the confidence to have a go at making their focus groups more inclusive. So here are 5 learnings for you to add to your tool box.

The search element

The HTML specification has added the search element which serves as an equivalent to ARIA role="search".

The importance of adding accessibility design reviews to the design process

To create accessible and inclusive experiences, you need to pay attention to accessibility throughout your design process, not just at the end. That's accessibility-first thinking.

Keys To An Accessibility Mindset

An accessible product can be daunting to build, particularly during development, if accessibility isn't considered from the beginning. This article will demonstrate three keys for approaching and developing accessible content without leaving you lost in the weeds.

A Guide To Accessible Form Validation

Each time we build a field validation from scratch, accessibility doesn't come out of the box. In this guide, Sandrina breaks down what we need to take into consideration, so that nobody gets stuck on an inaccessible invalid field.

Quick Tip: Focus Indicator Visibility

A proposed update for WCAG 2.2 has been in the works for several years to ensure that that keyboard focus indicators are sufficiently visible. This requirement is fairly complex and is likely to be moved to AAA. Regardless of what WCAG 2.2 might bring, the principles of clearly-visible navigation for keyboard users are important: focus indicators should have a notable contrast change. They should also be large enough that they are clearly visible - in most cases, a 1 or 2-pixel focus outline that surrounds the element will be sufficient.

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