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May 2019 Newsletter


Web Accessibility Among Nonprofits

WebAIM's Cyndi Rowland provides data and commentary on the state of web site accessibility for nonprofits.


WebAIM Training

Several seats are still available for WebAIM's web accessibility training to be held June 11-12 in Logan, Utah.

Document Accessibility Training

A new cohort of WebAIM's online Document (Word, PowerPoint, and PDF) Accessibility course will begin June 3rd.


State of Accessibility Report

Written with the digital community in mind, the SOAR report identifies specific accessibility deficiencies of top websites and includes a list of actionable steps developers can take to address accessibility issues now.

Accessible Icon Buttons

Sara Soueidan provides an in-depth article on accessibility of icon buttons which are increasingly found in web apps and interfaces.

5 accessibility best practices that help make the web better – for everyone

Actionable steps you can take to better relate to and serve the accessibility needs of web users.

The difference between keyboard and screen reader navigation

People often include screen reader users in the much larger group of keyboard-only users. Whilst this is correct (most screen reader users don't use a mouse), it also creates a false impression of the way screen reader users navigate content.

12 Tips For More Accessible React Apps (YouTube video)

Manuel Matuzović shares 12 tips that will help you build web sites and applications that can be used by anyone.

Less than 1% of website home pages are likely to meet accessibility standards

The top findings from the WebAIM Million accessibility report and an interview about their impact.

Quick Tip: Don't lock orientation

Interfaces should be flexible and adapt to the user's device and technology. Apps can be programmed so they must be viewed in either landscape or portrait orientation. This can pose significant difficulties for users that cannot physically manipulate the orientation of their device. WCAG 2.1 now requires that orientation not be locked unless the orientation is essential.

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