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May 2020 Newsletter

WebAIM is celebrating 20 years of improving online accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

#WebAIM20th Fun Fact: The WebAIM newsletter has been distributed monthly since January 2004. That's 195 editions of accessibility news and resources! The newsletter archives are available online.


WebAIM Site Updates

Significant updates have been made to several popular WebAIM.org resources:

Scholarship Program for WebAIM’s Accessible Documents Course

We are pleased to announce the launch of a scholarship program that will allow any individual with a disability to enroll in this video-based, independent-study online course at no cost.

Four Years of Accessibility Data in Prominent US Networks

WebAIM performed a longitudinal analysis of accessibility in a national disability network, their host universities, and state governments from 2016 to 2020. Results show progress in 2 of the 3 sectors.


NEW: WebAIM Virtual Training

WebAIM is now offering virtual web accessibility training. Registration is open for a session to be held August 12-13.

2020 State of Accessibility Report

The SOAR report provides an overview of the current state and future prospects for web accessibility.


Embedded YouTube and Google Maps – are they accessible?

A high-level analysis of the accessibility of these popular web site tools.

Accessibility tools for Developers & QAs

There are plenty of Accessibility tools that can help us improve our web sites/apps for more people. Choose your flavor and begin testing.

Bolt-on Accessibility – 5 gears in reverse

A thorough and critical review of accessibility plug-ins and add-on "solutions".

Form design: multiple inputs versus one input

While most fields are made up of just one input, like an email address, some fields (that are essentially one value) could be split into multiple inputs.

Setting priorities for accessibility issues

When prioritizing accessibility issues, instead of asking how many users are affected and how much it will cost, we must understand that these issues are for people with disabilities.

The Complete Guide to Accessibility for WordPress Websites

With WordPress powering over 35% of all websites, it's hard to pinpoint another piece of software that has had a greater impact on the state of web accessibility.

Quick Tip: Alternative Text for Image Links

When creating an image link, keep in mind that the purpose of the image is now to describe the destination of the link. Make sure that the image's alt text would be sufficient if it were the text in a regular link.

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