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February 2024

  • Screen Reader User Survey #10 Results
  • Can generative AI help write accessible code?
  • February Accessibility Focus: Structure and Navigation
  • My WebAIM 10th SR User Survey Takeaways
  • Reasonable Wcag Additions
  • Mobile Accessibility Barriers For Assistive Technology Users
  • I worry our Copilot is leaving some passengers behind
  • Opportunities for AI in Accessibility
  • Doing what's required: Indicating mandatory fields in an accessible way

January 2024

  • Making VPATs and ACRs More Effective in Procurement
  • Updated Contrast Checker
  • Mind the accessibility gaps – most of accessibility issues originate in design and how to fix that
  • Big, beautiful, beefy focus states with :focus-visible
  • White House is 'doubling down' on accessibility when it comes to digital experiences
  • 7 tips for devs and designers to set your accessibility efforts up for success
  • Accessible notifications with ARIA Live Regions
  • Money Talks! Formatting Currency in Web Content
  • 2.5.8: Adversarial Conformance
  • January Accessibility Focus: Links and Text

December 2023

  • Word and PowerPoint 365 Accessibility Evaluation Guide
  • Blind Leader Wins $2 Million Settlement Over Inaccessible California Parks Website
  • Burnout in the digital accessibility field
  • Potential problems with accessibility audits and what to do about them
  • It depends, indeed.
  • Keyboard accessibility myths and WCAG
  • How To Avoid Breaking Web Pages For Keyboard Users
  • How to use Chrome's accessibility tree
  • "An accessible website won’t be beautiful"... really?!

November 2023

  • Mobile Accessibility Evaluation Tools
  • How To Avoid Breaking Web Pages For Keyboard Users
  • Top 5 ARIA Implementation Errors
  • Name/Role/Value – Whose Role Is It Anyway?
  • The true cost of not prioritizing accessibility: Avoid risk and maximize product ROI
  • Accessibility annotation kits only annotate
  • Creating Accessible UI Animations
  • Lost in Translation: Tips for Multilingual Web Accessibility
  • Why doesn't AI work for producing accessible code?

October 2023

  • An Evolution in Microsoft Office Accessibility
  • November accessibility focus: Color Contrast
  • Use the accessibility shortcuts on iOS to speed up your testing workflow
  • What's new in WCAG 2.2
  • How to Be an Accessibility Ally
  • So you've been publicly accessibility-shamed
  • Accessibility improvements for user-agents
  • Give Your Site Some Focus! Tips for Designing Useful and Usable Focus Indicators
  • 2.4.11: Adversarial Conformance

September 2023

  • Four Reasons to Give WCAG AAA a Second Look
  • September accessibility focus: Tables and lists
  • Inclusive Design 24
  • Yes, Digital Product Owners: Accessibility is your accountability, too.
  • Building a Core Accessibility Team: The Keys to the Kingdom
  • Federal agencies should not follow DOJ's lead right now
  • Web Components Accessibility FAQ
  • Quick and very dirty target size checker

August 2023

  • Decoding WCAG: "Alternative for Time-based Media" and "Media Alternative for Text"
  • Navigating web with VoiceOver rotor in iPhone and iPad
  • European Accessibility Act: What you need to know
  • Where to Put Focus When Deleting a Thing
  • Main-ly Speaking
  • Accessibility is not inclusive design or disability rights. It’s a part of it.
  • New DOJ Web Accessibility Regulation is a Disaster
  • Web and app ADA lawsuits: Six trends so far in 2023

July 2023

  • Updated WCAG 2 Checklist
  • Contrast Checker Bookmarklet
  • Do we need WCAG 3 (now)?
  • Making Numbers in Web Content Accessible
  • New Low in the Accessibility "Industry:" Overlay Company Sues Globally-Recognized Accessibility Expert
  • Create an accessible tree view widget using ARIA
  • Your Browser May Be Having a Secret Relationship with a Screen Reader
  • Resources for Procurement of Accessible Digital Products and VPAT
  • Become an accessibility champion by using simple mockup annotations

June 2023

  • Top Tips from a Web Accessibility Evaluator at WebAIM
  • Three key principles for an accessible website
  • WCAG 2.2 misses mark on defining visible focus
  • The problem with sticky menus that appear on scroll and what to do instead
  • aria-hasPopUp less is more
  • June accessibility focus: Videos and audio
  • Making a positive change: PDF to HTML
  • 6 Quick tests you can do to test your forms for accessibility

May 2023

  • A New, Exciting Era for WebAIM
  • The WebAIM Strategic Accessibility Framework
  • PDF Accessibility (UPDATED)
  • Busting Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction in Accessible Interactive Elements
  • "Dear Colleague" letter regarding online accessibility in higher education (PDF)
  • Reading a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) or Accessibility Conformance Report (ACR)
  • The problem with disabled buttons and what to do instead
  • Inaccessible PDFs? How to know when to use HTML webpages instead of PDFs
  • Progress Over Perfection: The Better Way for Communication and Accessibility Advocacy

April 2023

  • Designing and Coding for Voice
  • Foundations: accessible names and descriptions
  • Five pieces of advice for more accessible websites
  • Don't Override Screen Reader Pronunciation
  • Establishing metrics for accessibility ROI
  • Accessibility and Design Systems: The Deep-Dive Q&A
  • Exposing Field Errors

March 2023

  • The 2023 WebAIM Million
  • Visually hidden content is a hack that needs to be resolved, not enshrined
  • Five tips for focus groups with people who are blind or have low vision
  • The search element
  • The importance of adding accessibility design reviews to the design process
  • Keys To An Accessibility Mindset
  • A Guide To Accessible Form Validation

February 2023

  • The WebAIM Strategic Accessibility Framework: Indicators and Benchmarks for Success
  • Senator Markey Demands Musk Reinstate Twitter's Accessibility Team, Online Features for Users with Disabilities
  • The Troublesome Life and Lamentable Death of Success Criterion 4.1.1
  • How to boost accessibility, according to The Washington Post's first accessibility engineer
  • How to set up an accessible page structure and navigation
  • Automation is not the enemy
  • A guide to troublesome UI components
  • How to Be a Disability Ally

January 2023

  • Creating a Community that Values Accessibility
  • How to Build Great HTML Form Controls
  • Plaintiffs Set a New Record for Website Accessibility Lawsuit Filings in 2022
  • Screen Readers support for text level HTML semantics
  • A beginner's guide to link and text accessibility
  • Will ChatGPT threaten the future of the digital accessibility field?
  • 10 Ways Designers and Researchers Can Meaningfully Engage With Disabled People in 2023

December 2022

  • Captioning and Sign Language Interpretation in Zoom: Features and Pitfalls
  • WCAG – Priority of Constituencies
  • WCAG 3.0: are we there yet?
  • Designing in a colour blind world
  • Accessibility and MVPs
  • Brief Note on Description List Support
  • Addressing concerns about CSS Speech

November 2022

  • HTML Semantics and Accessibility Cheat Sheet
  • Web Accessibility In Mind Conference Videos
  • Berkeley (Finally) Agrees to Make Online Content Accessible
  • DOJ Promises To Resume Filing Federal Website Accessibility Reports
  • Lamenting Twitter's and WCAG's potential
  • A Guide To Keyboard Accessibility
  • Using Automated Test Results To Improve Accessibility
  • Progress Over Perfection: A Better Way to Accessibility
  • How to Champion Digital Accessibility: Key Conversation Starters, by Department
  • 7 tactics that benefit both accessibility and SEO

October 2022

  • How Traits of Successful Communities Can Inform Our Accessibility Initiatives
  • Accessibility beyond the 'obvious'
  • Why we need CSS Speech
  • Representation in alt text
  • A beginner’s complete guide to form accessibility: the 5 things accessible forms needs and how to fix common errors
  • Proposed web and software accessibility legislation introduced in United States Congress
  • Foundations: HTML semantics
  • Yes, accessibility is also a backend concern

September 2022

  • Brief Note on Super- and Subscript text
  • Clarifying Color Contrast & Font Size Guidelines
  • Accessibility is systemic
  • Inclusive Design 24
  • Making Sense Of WAI-ARIA: A Comprehensive Guide
  • Closer to Ready: WCAG 2.2 is at the Candidate Recommendation stage
  • Focus appearance explained

August 2022

  • Web Accessibility in Mind Conference
  • New Success Criteria in WCAG 2.2
  • The First Steps to Breaking into Digital Accessibility Careers
  • Accessibility and supporting Internet Explorer
  • Short note on figure and figcaption
  • UX Principles that include Cognitive Accessibility
  • How Our Organization Improved Web Accessibility (Case Study)
  • 5 heading accessibility issues and how to fix them

July 2022

  • Tips for Getting the Most Out of WAVE
  • Use Firefox for accessibility testing
  • What Does X% of Issues Mean?
  • Abbreviations can be problematic
  • Subheadings, subtitles, alternative titles and taglines in HTML
  • Research insight: accessibility of images
  • The Hidden History of Screen Readers
  • The Ballad of Text Overflow

June 2022

  • Using accessibility literacy to counter accessibility ignorance
  • Accessibility Tools and Resources for Designers
  • Measuring The Performance Of Typefaces For Users
  • WCAG SC 1.4.4 Resize Text & 1.4.10 Reflow
  • Robles v. Domino's settles after six years of litigation
  • The Guide To Windows High Contrast Mode

May 2022

  • Flexbox and the Screen Reader Experience
  • OCR Video Series
  • How to write user stories for accessibility
  • Accessibility from different perspectives
  • How not to do accessible design
  • WCAG 2.2. and WCAG 3 Status Updates
  • Keyboard Testing: The A11y Enhancement to Your Definition of Done
  • ARIA Authoring Practices Guide

April 2022

  • Web Accessibility in Mind Conference
  • Tips for Accessible Screen Sharing
  • Well Color Us Surprised—This SC Can Be a Tricky Customer
  • Web Accessibility Checklist
  • Brief Note on Buttons, Enter, and Space
  • Why accessibility bugs are a good thing and how to handle them
  • How to Fix Your Low-Contrast Text
  • aria-labelledby usage notes

March 2022

  • The 2022 WebAIM Million Report
  • Justice Department Issues Web Accessibility Guidance Under the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Windows High Contrast Mode, Forced Colors Mode And CSS Custom Properties
  • A Designer’s Guide to Documenting Accessibility & User Interactions
  • An inclusive design workflow for product teams
  • Overlay Position and Recommendations
  • Foundations: session timeouts
  • (not so) short note on being owned

February 2022

  • Introducing the Accessibility IMpact (AIM) Score and Other WAVE Updates
  • The social model: do we disable people through our tech?
  • No Accessibility Without Disabilities
  • Support for Marking Radio Buttons Required, Invalid
  • How to use the accessibility tree for a11y testing
  • Comic Sans is a good typeface, actually
  • Foundations: colour and meaning

January 2022

  • The crisis is real: Where are the web accessibility professionals?
  • Using Narrator and Dolphin Screen Readers to Evaluate Web Accessibility
  • Alt tag emptiness
  • Div divisiveness
  • The real added costs of accessibility
  • How To Hire For Digital Accessibility Roles
  • Moderating usability testing with people with disabilities
  • Five 2022 accessibility trends

December 2021

  • Making Accessibility More Accessible
  • Thoughts on skin tone and text descriptions
  • WCAG 3 is not ready yet
  • How many people with disabilities use our site?
  • 'Inclusive design' has become so widely used that it's meaningless. That has to change.

November 2021

  • Microsoft Excel - Optimizing Spreadsheet Accessibility
  • UITest.com Site Check
  • Respecting Users' Motion Preferences
  • Understanding WCAG 2.1 Level AAA
  • Browsing with speech recognition
  • Introduction to A.I. and Accessibility Testing
  • The problem with "click here" and "learn more" links

October 2021

  • Alternative Text
  • New York Agencies Commit to Vaccine Website Accessibility
  • Accessibility Review of Online Survey Tools
  • Making data visualizations more accessible
  • Quick wins for web accessibility
  • Fix web accessibility systematically
  • Myths about Web Accessibility
  • UX Accessibility: How to Start Designing for All

September 2021

  • Web Accessibility Evaluation Guide
  • Accessibility testing
  • An update on the accessibility of conditionally revealed questions
  • The effect of CSS on screen readers
  • In Quest of Search
  • 4 ARIA-mistakes Worth Solving
  • Colorblind Accessibility Manifesto

August 2021

  • Google Announces Seismic Change to Docs
  • WAVE Edge extension
  • A guide to designing accessible, WCAG-compliant focus indicators
  • Writing great alt text: Emotion matters
  • The first rule for using ARIA
  • How to test for accessibility with users at every design stage
  • Accessibility and SEO

July 2021

  • Evaluating Color and Contrast – How hard can it be?
  • Colorado Mandates Accessibility for State and Local Government Websites
  • Accessibility of the section element
  • There's no such thing as fully automated web accessibility
  • From A Colourblind Designer To The World: Please Stop Using Red And Green Together
  • The accessibility stalemate
  • Where are the Holes in your Accessibility Data?

June 2021

  • Screen Reader User Survey #9 Results
  • A Complete Guide To Accessibility Tooling
  • Whose nine is it anyway? (Feedback on the WCAG 2.2 working draft)
  • Looking at WCAG 2.5.5 for Better Target Sizes
  • Starting Your Accessibility Journey: A Developers Guide
  • Another Big Win in the Domino’s Pizza Accessibility Saga
  • Overreliance on Overlays is Counter to Enculturation of Accessibility

May 2021

  • Screen Reader User Survey #9
  • Show Up to Disrupt
  • Design for reading: tips for optimizing content for Reader modes and reading apps
  • Making Disabled Buttons More Inclusive
  • Accessibility Overlays May Not Make Your Site More Accessible
  • We need to talk about WCAG
  • Quick accessibility tests
  • 5 key accessibility questions to ask when buying digital tools, sites or apps

April 2021

  • WebAIM Million - 2021 Update
  • Narrow Winn-Dixie Court Opinion Limits Certain Types of Web Accessibility Lawsuits in three U.S. States
  • What's in a Word?
  • Public sector accessibility regulations - common problems and how to avoid them
  • Accessibility is more than a technical problem
  • Designing Custom Focus Indicators
  • Inclusive teaching: audio describing your own presentations
  • Modern CSS Upgrades To Improve Accessibility

March 2021

  • Survey of Web Accessibility Practitioners #3 Results
  • WCAG guide
  • Accessible Text Labels For All
  • Good, Better, Best: Untangling The Complex World Of Accessible Patterns
  • Practical accessibility, part 1: Markup semantics & ARIA
  • An Introduction to macOS Voice Control
  • Overlay Fact Sheet

February 2021

  • Accessibility of COVID-19 Vaccine Pages and Barriers to Individuals with Disabilities
  • Microsoft Word Accessibility
  • Accessibility auditing and ego
  • Sustainable accessibility
  • Not it! A game of accessibility hide-and-seek with technology vendors
  • Testing Color Contrast in Mobile Apps
  • WhiteHouse.gov: Beginning an accessibility journey
  • Improving Wireframe Accessibility: A more inclusive Design process

January 2021

  • Using TalkBack to Evaluate Web Accessibility
  • Consistency is the secret sauce of web accessibility
  • What to Expect From The First Public Working Draft of WCAG 3.0
  • An insider look at WCAG 3.0
  • A developer's perspective: the problem with screen reader testing
  • Sub-$1,000 Web Accessibility Solution
  • Thoughts on screen readers and image recognition
  • Use the tabindex attribute

December 2020

  • Document and Content Language
  • VoiceOver Preview for macOS Firefox
  • aria-label, aria-labelledby, and aria-describedby: What's the Difference?
  • Alt vs Figcaption
  • Content-visibility and Accessible Semantics
  • 11 Golden Rules for A11Y
  • A placeholder is not a label
  • Weaving Web Accessibility With Usability

November 2020

  • Survey of Web Accessibility Practitioners
  • Not so short note on aria-label usage – Big Table Edition
  • Under-Engineered Responsive Tables
  • From The Experts: Global Digital Accessibility Developments During COVID-19
  • The UX of Among Us: The importance of colorblind-friendly design
  • Accessibility of Content Management Systems – what's stopping us?
  • 3D Model Accessibility

October 2020

  • Focus management and inert
  • The lang attribute: browsers telling lies, telling sweet little lies
  • Accessible interactions
  • Enabling keyboard culture with No Mouse Days
  • Dialog Focus in Screen Readers
  • An opinionated guide to accessibility testing

September 2020

  • WAVE 3.1 Release
  • How to use HTML5 sectioning elements to create useful accessible landmarks
  • How screen readers navigate data tables
  • Color choices that are accessible
  • A Guide to Understanding What Makes a Typeface Accessible
  • Accessible Web Animation: The WCAG on Animation Explained
  • Outsider Leverage and Accessibility

August 2020

  • WCAG 2.2 Overview and Feedback
  • UX Series 6: Connecting UX With Digital Accessibility Strategy
  • Accessibility Testing is like Making Coffee
  • 5 most annoying website features I face as a blind person every single day
  • The difference between aria-label and aria-labelledby
  • Speech Viewer Logs of Lies
  • ARIA: poison or antidote?

July 2020

  • Anniversaries Celebrated
  • Digital accessibility legal update: ADA anniversary edition
  • Translating Design Wireframes Into Accessible HTML/CSS
  • The Ravelry Redesign: An A11y Case Study
  • UX Series: Digital Accessibility and the UX Design Process
  • Disability Language is a Nuanced Thing
  • ARIA Grid As an Anti-Pattern

June 2020

  • Introduction to Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA)
  • Infographic: Web Accessibility for Designers
  • Quick Tips for High Contrast Mode
  • Optimizing keyboard navigation using tabindex and ARIA
  • Gatsby Sites Most Reliably Accessible in WebAIM Million
  • An app for everything, but can everyone use it?
  • How I fixed accessibility on my website and how you can fix yours
  • Building the Woke Web: Web Accessibility, Inclusion & Social Justice

May 2020

  • WebAIM Site Updates
  • Scholarship Program for WebAIM’s Accessible Documents Course
  • Four Years of Accessibility Data in Prominent US Networks
  • Embedded YouTube and Google Maps – are they accessible?
  • Accessibility tools for Developers & QAs
  • Form design: multiple inputs versus one input
  • Setting priorities for accessibility issues
  • The Complete Guide to Accessibility for WordPress Websites

April 2020

  • WAVE Webinar and Intro Video
  • Creating Accessible Forms
  • Blind Users Struggle with State Coronavirus Websites
  • Accessibility must be part of your COVID-19 response
  • Review of CommonLook PDF Plug-in
  • What's in a name?
  • Designing for cognitive accessibility: Where to begin
  • Writing my accessibility statement

March 2020

  • The WebAIM Million
  • Keeping Accessibility in Mind During the COVID-19 Conversion of Courses
  • The History of Digital Accessibility and Why it Matters
  • Accessibility Maze
  • Heading off confusion: When do headings fail WCAG?
  • Accessible SVGs: Inclusiveness Beyond Patterns
  • Web Accessibility Checklist: 16 Things to Improve Your Website Accessibility

February 2020

  • Decoding Label and Name for Accessibility
  • A Complete Guide to Links and Buttons
  • Understanding Web Accessibility Color Contrast Guidelines and Ratios
  • Dropdown Menus 2020: Menus are not menus
  • Link Targets and 3.2.5
  • Building an accessible autocomplete control
  • Could browsers fix more accessibility problems automatically?

January 2020

  • WebAIM 20th
  • Roles and relationships
  • Standards for Writing Accessibly
  • Vendor Responsibilities for Accessibility
  • Checking 3rd Party Vendors' Product Accessibility
  • My Priority of Methods for Labeling a Control
  • Overlays are not the solution to your accessibility problem

December 2019

  • 24 Accessibility
  • How accessible is the HTML video player?
  • Why AI will never replace human picture descriptions
  • Who can use this color combination?

November 2019

  • Who can use this color combination?
  • Checklist to avoid the most common accessibility errors
  • Accessibility drives aesthetics
  • Demystifying WAI-ARIA - 18 WAI-ARIA attributes that every web developer should know

October 2019

  • Significant WAVE Updates
  • Stop Giving Control Hints to Screen Readers
  • Auditing For Accessibility Problems With Firefox Developer Tools
  • Section 508 Conformance: A Need-to-Know Guide
  • U.S. Supreme Court Won't Hear the Domino's Case (Hooray!)
  • An Introductory Guide to Understanding Cognitive Disabilities

September 2019

  • Screen Reader User Survey #8 Results
  • StrategicA11y - The Strategic Web Accessibility Workshop
  • Button Contrast Checker
  • Core Accessibility Concerns for Human Resources
  • How To Get Development on Board With Accessibility Testing
  • Renewed Web and Physical Accessibility Congressional Efforts an Exercise in Futility?
  • An HTML Element Potentially Worth $18M to Indiegogo Campaigns

August 2019

  • The WebAIM Million Update
  • SEO and Accessibility: Real Talk
  • Getting to the Heart of Digital Accessibility
  • Tooltips in the time of WCAG 2.1
  • Short update on multiple labels for
  • Hey Domino's, you’re not delivering

July 2019

  • WebAIM Screen Reader User Survey #8
  • Foxit and PDF Accessibility
  • Truths about digital accessibility
  • Federal ADA Title III Lawsuit Numbers Continue to Climb in 2019
  • Captions and Transcripts and Audio Descriptions, Oh My!
  • Avoid Placeholder Text by Animating Form Labels
  • Maybe Ignore type=search
  • Accessibility Participants, Managers, and Leaders
  • Top 5 Rules of ARIA

June 2019

  • Accessible Design and Culture: Why it’s Better for Business and All Your Users
  • Skip Links Design Showcase
  • How accessibility trees inform assistive tech
  • An Introduction to ARIA States
  • Target Size and 2.5.5
  • Designing and coding for low vision

May 2019

  • Web Accessibility Among Nonprofits
  • State of Accessibility Report
  • Accessible Icon Buttons
  • 5 accessibility best practices that help make the web better – for everyone
  • The difference between keyboard and screen reader navigation
  • 12 Tips For More Accessible React Apps (YouTube video)
  • Less than 1% of website home pages are likely to meet accessibility standards

April 2019

  • Updated: PDF Accessibility
  • Building accessible websites and apps is a moral obligation
  • Naming things to improve accessibility
  • Color accessibility: tools and resources to help you design inclusive products
  • Reading Order Bookmarklet
  • Top 5 Questions Asked in Accessibility Trainings

March 2019

  • Alexa 100 Accessibility Update #2
  • Reaction to The WebAIM Million
  • Semantics to Screen Readers
  • Collecting dates in an accessible way
  • Having an open dialog
  • The "perilous pitfalls" of Accessibility Maturity

February 2019

  • The WebAIM Million
  • The Legal Picture for Web Accessibility in 2019
  • How A Screen Reader User Accesses The Web: A Smashing Video
  • Uncanny A11y
  • Required attribute requirements
  • Why do we celebrate inaccessible design?

January 2019

  • Big Win for Web Accessibility in Domino's Pizza Case
  • 5 Resources to Measure Website Accessibility
  • How do you figure?
  • Make Your ARIA Labels Sing on Key
  • I Used The Web For A Day Using A Screen Reader
  • Why Gen Z Loves Closed Captioning

December 2018

  • 5 Digital Accessibility Myths Busted
  • 24 Accessibility
  • JavaScript and Civil Rights
  • A guide to color accessibility in product design
  • How to Create Accessibility Statements
  • Accessibility = innovation

November 2018

  • Contrast and Color Accessibility
  • 24 Accessibility
  • Fear is a Poor Motivator for Accessibility
  • A guide to color accessibility in product design
  • A Call for Regulation: The DOJ Ignored Website Accessibility Regulation and Enterprising Chaos Ensued
  • Interview with Marcy Sutton – Part 1

October 2018

  • Survey of Users with Low Vision #2 Results
  • The Role of Procurement in Digital Accessibility
  • Designing Accessible Content: Typography, Font Styling, and Structure
  • How to get started with website accessibility
  • The Importance of Heading Levels for Assistive Technology
  • Inclusive Design 24

September 2018

  • Dinolytics Release and WAVE Roadmap
  • Color-Reliant Link Contrast Checker
  • WAI-ARIA menus, and why you should generally avoid using them
  • Heck yes, accessibility - let's make the future awesome
  • Much Ado About ARIA
  • The Importance Of Manual Accessibility Testing
  • Accessibility is not a feature

August 2018

  • Survey of Users with Low Vision #2
  • Understanding WCAG 2 Contrast and Color Requirements
  • Short note on the accessibility of styled form controls
  • 10 Ways to Improve Accessibility on Websites and Social Media
  • A web of anxiety: accessibility for people with anxiety and panic disorders [Part 1]
  • A Realistic Guide for Improving Web Accessibility
  • Exploring WCAG 2.1 — 4.1.3 Status Messages

July 2018

  • Updated WCAG 2 Checklist
  • Comparing 3 Top Automated Accessibility Testing Tools: WAVE, Tenon.io, and Google Lighthouse
  • Get started with accessibility: A primer based on experience
  • Asking about compliance? You may be asking the wrong question
  • The current state of modal dialog accessibility

June 2018

  • WebAIM document accessibility course beginning soon
  • Don't Use The Placeholder Attribute
  • Inclusive Components - Cards
  • How to test accessibility of emails
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1

June 2018

  • Survey of Web Accessibility Practitioners #2 Results
  • Managing focus for accessibility
  • Gaining buy-in for accessibility in your company
  • Short note on getting spaced out with SC 1.4.12 Text Spacing
  • Know your ARIA: 'Hidden' vs 'None'
  • Inclusion Doesn't Stop at Accessibility

April 2018

  • PowerPoint Accessibility
  • Inaccessible technology is bad leadership, bad design and bad coding
  • Accessibility Forums Roundup
  • The Same, But Different: Breaking Down Accessibility, Universality, and Inclusion in Design
  • Designing For Accessibility And Inclusion
  • EU Directive on the Accessibility of Public Sector Websites and Mobile Applications

March 2018

  • Survey of Web Accessibility Practitioners #2
  • WCAG 2.1: Success Criteria for Cognitive Disabilities
  • Labels Required
  • Tips For Conducting Usability Studies With Participants With Disabilities
  • How to Create Inclusive, Accessible Content
  • How we stopped making excuses and started improving Basecamp's accessibility

February 2018

  • Overly Accessible?
  • The new guidelines in WCAG 2.1 explained
  • Simplifying the New WCAG 2.1 Guidelines
  • Creating Accessible Menus and Mega Menus
  • My Accessibility Journey: What I’ve Learned So Far
  • How to Scale Your Accessibility Initiatives By Empowering & Equipping Your Workforce

January 2018

  • New accessibility 'cheatsheets' for Word and PowerPoint 2016
  • Responsive Web Design: Why one site can behave differently on different PCs and browsers
  • Improving text readability for dyslexic users with skip-ink underlines
  • Why you can't test a screen reader (yet)!
  • A Tale of Two Rooms: Understanding screen reader navigation
  • Small Tweaks That Can Make a Huge Impact on Your Website’s Accessibility

December 2017

  • Screen Reader User Survey #7 Results
  • 24 Accessibility
  • Building a Culture of Accessibility: Leadership Roles
  • How to Boost Your Website's Accessibility + SEO
  • Web Accessibility: What You Say vs. What I Hear
  • Accessible Links Re:visited

November 2017

  • New Site-wide WAVE Tools
  • Steps You Can Take Now to Address Accessibility at Your Institution
  • HTML Email and Accessibility
  • Consistently Inconsistent: When the most accessible experience is different for each user
  • Creating a Company Culture that Promotes Accessibility
  • Planning for Accessibility
  • ARIA is Spackle, Not Rebar
  • Inclusive Design 24

October 2017

  • House Bill Proposes Barriers to ADA Enforcement
  • Trends That Exclude
  • The future of accessibility for custom elements
  • Stop Designing For Only 85% Of Users: Nailing Accessibility In Design
  • Don't Use ARIA Menu Roles for Site Nav
  • Accessible ARIA Accordions and Collapsible Sections

September 2017

  • Screen Reader User Survey #7
  • Writing CSS with Accessibility in Mind
  • Accessibility is not an edge case
  • Creating an Accessibility Engineering Practice
  • Do you really care about accessibility? Stop box ticking!
  • Fonts don't matter

August 2017

  • Screen Readers and CSS: Are We Going Out of Style (and into Content)?
  • What's New in WCAG 2.1
  • Best Practices for Conducting an Accessibility Review
  • Accessibility for the future you
  • How to structure headings for web accessibility
  • A11y Weekly

July 2017

  • DOJ Places Website Rulemaking on the "Inactive" List
  • Short note on aria-label, aria-labelledby, and aria-describedby
  • How to Make Your Site Accessible For Screen Magnifiers
  • What I've learned about motor impairment
  • Shut up JAWS

June 2017

  • Rethinking Color and Contrast
  • Big Win for Blind Shopper in First U.S. ADA Web Accessibility Trial
  • Tips for Making Accessibility a Core Design Principle
  • The responsive order conflict for keyboard focus
  • How to Make Your Website Accessible to People Who Use a Screen Magnifier
  • Accessibility According to Actual People with Disabilities
  • Inclusive Design Principles

May 2017

  • To ARIA! The Cause of, and Solution to, All Our Accessibility Problems
  • Anatomy of an Accessible Auto Suggest
  • Improving access to landmark navigation
  • Accessibly labelling interactive elements
  • Why headings and landmarks are so important - A11ycasts #18
  • How Many People With Disabilities Use My Website?
  • Your Body Text Is Too Small

April 2017

  • Designing for Screen Reader Compatibility
  • Inclusively Hidden
  • Many government websites frustrate those with disabilities
  • How to make error messages accessible
  • What is an accessible name?
  • How Current Design Trends Affect Web Accessibility

March 2017

  • WebAIM's Feedback on WCAG 2.1
  • Demystifying accessible name
  • How users change colours on websites
  • Mythbuster's Guide to Accessibility
  • Screen readers and web browsers – what's the best pairing for testing?
  • Web accessibility - It's good for everyone.

February 2017

  • Alexa 100 Accessibility Updates
  • WCAG 2.1 First Public Working Draft Published
  • ARIA Widget Checklist: For Screen Reader Testing
  • What we found when we tested tools on the world’s least-accessible webpage
  • How can I do this better?
  • Sounding out the web: accessibility for deaf and hard of hearing people

January 2017

  • How I do an accessibility audit - A11ycasts #11
  • Let's Talk Accessibility
  • Using the aria-current attribute
  • We're going on a bear hunt: the prologue
  • MIND Patterns - Accessibility Patterns for the Web
  • Differences between ARIA 1.0 and 1.1: Deprecations & Additions

December 2016

  • The State of Startup Web Accessibility in 2016
  • 4 reasons why an accessible website is a win-win
  • Writing HTML with accessibility in mind
  • Digital Access Legal Update - December 2016

November 2016

  • JavaScript is not an enemy of accessibility!
  • Microsoft's Radical Bet On A New Type Of Design Thinking
  • Digital Accessibility in the New Political Reality
  • Listening to the web, part one: thinking in accessibility

October 2016

  • WebAIM's response to the ADA SANPRM
  • Beware smushed off-screen accessible text
  • a11yTools Extension for Safari macOS
  • White Paper on ICT Access for People with Cognitive Disabilities
  • Accessible eLearning Benefits All Learners

September 2016

  • Why Can't We Make It Easier To Be Accessible?
  • How to create a culture of accessibility
  • Dos and don'ts on designing for accessibility
  • How to do Web Accessibility QA
  • 5 key accessibility trends in North American education

August 2016

  • Three things you should know before using VoiceOver for testing
  • The inaccessible web: how we got into this mess
  • What does accessibility supported mean?
  • Get started with Narrator
  • Making Web Accessibility Great Again: Auditing the US Presidential Candidates Websites for Accessibility
  • Facebook's autoplaying audio could be a huge issue for users with disabilities

July 2016

  • Microsoft Word - Creating Accessible Documents
  • G3ict Acquires IAAP
  • Responses to the Screen Reader Strategy Survey
  • Using the fieldset and legend elements
  • Links vs. Buttons in Modern Web Applications

June 2016

  • Creating Accessible Web Content in Dreamweaver
  • On Link Underlines
  • In Plain Sight: Text, Contrast, and Accessibility
  • Accessibility in the workplace – a competitive edge
  • Accessibility: Improving The UX For Color-Blind Users
  • 10 reasons why placeholders are problematic

May 2016

  • Using navigation landmarks
  • The Writer's Guide to Making Accessible Web Content
  • Spring 2016 Digital Accessibility Legal Update
  • Danger! Testing Accessibility with real people

April 2016

  • How to Measure Color Contrast, for Web Accessibility
  • Using the ARIA application role
  • My Post-CSUN Comparison of Web Accessibility Checkers
  • Do you have a role in web accessibility? (Spoiler alert: yes)

March 2016

  • Testing With the NVDA Screen Reader
  • Dyslexia Simulation
  • Will apps become the next disability lawsuit target?
  • Accessibility APIs: A Key To Web Accessibility
  • Be Wary of Accessibility Guarantees from Vendors

February 2016

  • What will it take to move the needle of change?
  • Accessibility: Why I got into this and why I’m still here
  • Monitor Accessibility Errors on Your Ecommerce Site with Scrapy, WAVE
  • Captions and YouTube
  • Short note on improving usability of scrollable regions

January 2016

  • Keyboard Accessibility
  • Making conference videos more accessible
  • Extensions to WCAG 2.0
  • I'm an accessibility consultant. Stop hiring me.
  • The accessibility stack: making a better layer cake
  • Woe-ARIA: The Surprisingly but Ridiculously Complicated World of aria-label/ledby
  • Section 508, WCAG 2.0, Oh My!

December 2015

  • Quick Reference - Testing Web Content for Accessibility
  • The Accessibility Mindset
  • Designing with Contrast
  • Strategies for Website Accessibility, for Ecommerce
  • The web accessibility basics

November 2015

  • Fall 2015 Update: More Delay for DOJ Web Regulations
  • How Our CSS Framework Helps Enforce Accessibility
  • HIKE: Our quick, simple accessibility primer
  • Mobile Browser Support for ARIA Roles, States, and Properties

October 2015

  • Work Begins on Extensions to WCAG 2.0
  • Using the aria-owns attribute
  • Notes on use of multiple ARIA role attribute values
  • Subscription accessibility update
  • Make your single page apps work with screen readers
  • Ensure High Contrast for Text Over Images

September 2015

  • Accessibility - beyond the screen reader
  • Screen Readers on Touchscreen Devices
  • Making Your Website Design Accessible – Here’s What a Blind Accessibility Expert Has to Say on the Topic
  • 10 Accessibility Checks in 10 minutes
  • Designing for the web: Neurodiversity
  • Use On-Page Image Descriptions

August 2015

  • WebAIM Screen Reader User Survey #6 Results
  • Digital Accessibility Legal Update (Summer 2015)
  • 7 Tube Maps Only The Colour Blind Will Truly Appreciate
  • Infinite Scrolling and Accessibility (It's Usually Bad)
  • What happens when you get sued for your inaccessible website

July 2015

  • Review of CommonLook PDF GlobalAccess
  • aria-live: the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Five Goofy Things Medium Did That Break Accessibility
  • How some hard truths helped us start improving the Podio experience for the visually impaired
  • Styling Forms Accessibly
  • Practicing Web Accessibility Differently

June 2015

  • WebAIM Screen Reader User Survey #6
  • The ARIA Role Conformance Matrices
  • A Journey Into Web Accessibility
  • Fear-Based Incentives or System 2 Thinking: Which Accessibility Road Will You Choose?
  • How to map your Mac’s CapsLock key to a NVDA or JAWS key in a Windows virtual machine
  • Visual design and colour accessibility
  • The Accessibility Cheatsheet

May 2015

  • Integrating Accessibility: Planning Content for Everyone
  • Complementing Standards by Demonstrating Commitment and Progress
  • Patterns in Higher Education Accessibility Complaints
  • Make Technology Work for Everyone: introducing digital accessibility
  • Q&A: Testing for accessibility before development begins

April 2015

  • UX accessibility with aria-label
  • What the canvas element means for accessibility
  • Accessibility and Inclusive Design In-Person Groups
  • iOS and Android Screen Reader Gesture Reference Cheatsheet
  • Accessibility support for CSS generated content

March 2015

  • Accessibility APIs: A Key To Web Accessibility
  • Taking The Social Model of Disability Online
  • Web Accessibility: Why it’s great for your bottom line
  • Aural UI of the Elements of HTML
  • Digital Accessibility Legal Update (CSUN 2015)
  • GOALS web accessibility cost case study

February 2015

  • Keyboard Accessibility with the Space Bar
  • Advanced ARIA Tip #2: Accessible modal dialogs
  • Flipboard – React Canvas Accessibility
  • The Unbearable Inaccessibility of Slideshows
  • Accessibility Originates With UX: A BBC iPlayer Case Study
  • Layout Tables Tip

January 2015

  • The Browser Accessibility Tree
  • Accessible timeout notifications
  • Apple are losing their edge also in accessibility quality
  • Accessible modal windows
  • Interactive WCAG 2.0

December 2014

  • Advanced Form Labeling
  • Accessible in-page tabs
  • Digital Accessibility Legal Update (December 2014)
  • Google's No Captcha Shows Some Progress
  • On the accessibility of web components. Again.

November 2014

  • Ridiculously easy trick for keyboard accessibility
  • HTML5 Accessibility analysis
  • Learn to Do It Yourself
  • Practical ARIA Examples
  • Accessibility Tunnel Vision

October 2014

  • WebAIM's 15th Birthday, WAVE Chrome Extension, and Free API Access
  • Should TEACH Act language appear in the Higher Education Act?
  • PDF accessibility starts with the author
  • Rough Guide: browsers, operating systems and screen reader support – Updated
  • Designing Better Keyboard Experiences
  • Accessible HTML video as a background

September 2014

  • Survey of Web Accessibility Practitioners
  • Heading Structure For Accessibility
  • A Workflow for Testing Web Accessibility with Free Tools
  • Understanding screen reader interaction modes
  • Go to page 22: The JAWS aria-label with digits bug
  • Web Components punch list

August 2014

  • Survey of Web Accessibility Practitioners - Sneak Peek
  • Organizations, accessibility, and change
  • The Viking and the Lumberjack
  • What ARIA does not do
  • 30 days with Android

July 2014

  • PDF Accessibility - Accessible Forms in Acrobat XI
  • An Alphabet of Accessibility Issues
  • The Accessibility Tree: A Training Guide
  • How I Audit a Website for Accessibility
  • Contemplating "read more" links
  • How to be a keyboard accessibility super hero

June 2014

  • Survey of Web Accessibility Practitioners
  • Accessibility 102: The WAVE Accessibility Tool
  • Does that WCAG 2 Success Criteria Really Apply?
  • 3% of users browse with IE9 and 14% of users have a disability. Why do we only cater for the former?
  • Mobile And Accessibility: Why You Should Care And What You Can Do About It
  • HTML5 accessibility implementation support in browsers

May 2014

  • Why does WCAG get all the credit? The need to embrace WAI’s wider work
  • The little button that could
  • WAI-ARIA for screen reader users: An overview of things you can find in some mainstream web apps today
  • Tips for Creating Accessible SVG
  • ARIA Examples

April 2014

  • Short note on alt in HTML
  • Learning to Focus
  • a11yTips
  • Global Considerations in Creating an Organizational Web Accessibility Policy
  • A Truly Accessible & Fully Responsive Framework
  • ARIA Design Patterns

March 2014

  • Accessibility Lipstick on a Usability Pig
  • I Don't Care What Google Did, Just Keep Underlining Links
  • Notes on accessibility of Web Components
  • What is WAI-ARIA, what does it do for me, and what not?
  • The Value of Involving People with Disabilities in User Research
  • The Great Big List from the 2014 CSUN International Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference

February 2014

  • Screen Reader User Survey #5 Results
  • Thoughts on Screen Reader Detection
  • Doesn’t work in lynx
  • Why Don’t Screen Readers Always Read What’s on the Screen?

January 2014

  • WCAG 2 and Accessibility Support
  • Loss Aversion and Web Accessibility
  • Window-Eyes Initiative for Users of Microsoft Office
  • Section 508 Refresh Projected Timing (2014)
  • Endangered Species of the Web: The Image
  • GOALS Blueprint for Institutional Web Accessibility
  • 8 Trillion Reasons to Make Your Technology Accessible

December 2013

  • New WebAIM Screen Reader User Survey
  • Annual Disability Statistics Compendium
  • Using ARIA to Enhance SVG
  • Web Accessibility: Skip Navigation Links
  • Five Fundamentals of Accessible Responsive Web Design

November 2013

  • Happy Thanksgiving
  • Image alt Exception Change Re-Re-Re-Requested
  • Short Note on ARIA, Dragon and Standards
  • The weird and wonderful reasons why people use subtitles / captions
  • Quick Tip: Contrast Checking

October 2013

  • New WebAIM Website
  • Icon fonts and user-defined style sheets
  • Using the HTML5 section element
  • Easy Chirp 2 soft beta launched!
  • Using the WAVE Toolbar

September 2013

  • Open-source accessible mega menus
  • The Incredible Accessible Modal Dialog
  • Google's Introduction to Web Accessibility course
  • Why accessibility APIs matter
  • Updated WCAG materials
  • Ambiguous Buttons

August 2013

  • WebAIM’s Hierarchy for Motivating Accessibility Change
  • Accessibility Metadata Project
  • Semantic CSS With Intelligent Selectors
  • Why Browser Zoom Testing Sucks for Accessibility and Browser zoom great for accessibility
  • INSERT key usage in Windows on a Mac
  • WCAG 2.0 sceptics: should we be afraid?
  • How I came to grudgingly accept aria-hidden

July 2013

  • Celebrating 23 Years of the ADA
  • Learning to Love Headings in Microsoft Word
  • The Death Of Screen Reader Innovation and Screen Reader Failure: Innovation, Deterioration, Despair
  • Make Your Widgets Sing With ARIA
  • The blind community's fight for a more accessible Web
  • A Few More Words on Accessible Dialogs/Modals

June 2013

  • Draft BBC Mobile Accessibility Standards and Guidelines
  • What is PDF/UA all about, anyway?
  • Comparison of Browsers on HTML5 Video Accessibility
  • Ten blunt things I wish I could tell clients
  • Personas in Accessibility
  • Advancements in the accessibility of Facebook

May 2013

  • 10 Easy Accessibility Tips Anyone Can Use
  • Motor Disability Survey Results
  • Screen Readers at a Crossroads
  • Can we track how many users with disabilities access our site?
  • Accessibility evaluation for web writers
  • Web industry urged to embrace colour accessibility
  • e-book: Get Started with Video Captioning

April 2013

  • Low Vision Survey Results
  • Pragmatica11y: A New Approach to Web Accessibility-Learning to Let Go
  • aria-controls - lack of support
  • Web Accessibility Lessons from Indiana Jones
  • Easy ARIA Tip #6: Making clickables accessible

March 2013

  • Identifying Web Accessibility Issues
  • The Great Big List from the 2013 CSUN International Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference
  • Accessibility: More than WCAG compliance
  • Handling erratic behavior with AT
  • Sometimes you have to use illegal WAI-ARIA to make stuff work
  • Disabled Sue Over Web Shopping
  • Understanding ARIA Widgets

February 2013

  • Low Vision and Motor Disabilities Surveys
  • WAVE5 Release
  • Making an accessible dialog box
  • The Applicability of Keyboard Access
  • Introducing NoCoffee - Vision Simulator for Chrome
  • Making elements keyboard focusable and clickable
  • Advanced ARIA tip #1: Tabs in web apps

January 2013

  • Welcoming Dr. Sergio Luján Mora
  • Things I learned pretending to be blind for a week
  • Labels in input fields aren't such a good idea
  • Headings: Who needs 'em?
  • The future of WCAG - maximising its strengths not its weaknesses

December 2012

  • WebAIM's 2012 Year in Review
  • Colour Accessibility
  • Improving accessibility can close digital divide
  • Accessibility for iPhone and iPad apps
  • Demystifying Accessibility

November 2012

  • Accessibility Improvements in Adobe Acrobat XI
  • Yes, actually, it may be you one day
  • Accessible custom checkboxes and radio buttons
  • National Center on Disability and Access to Education Newsletter
  • Accessible Apps "More Usable by Everyone"
  • My recap of the Accessibility Day 2012 in Vienna, Austria

October 2012

  • How to make the world a better place: Caption! Subtitle!
  • Evaluating your institution's web accessibility
  • New plug-in: WP Accessibility
  • Acrobat XI accessibility features
  • New accessibility techniques in iOS6
  • Why Is Accessibility So Hard?

September 2012

  • Upcoming Accessibility Camps
  • Easy-to-Read on the Web
  • HTML5 Accessibility
  • Accessibility on the Move: Optimizing your websites for mobile accessibility and usability
  • Web accessibility is a mindset not a checklist
  • Usable landmarks across desktop and mobile

August 2012

  • Styles for Checking Color Reliance
  • Counting People with Disabilities
  • No, a Judge did not "break the Internet"
  • A New Standard for PDF Accessibility: PDF/UA
  • Beyond Usability Testing
  • An Introduction to WebVTT and track
  • 5 Reasons Businesses Should Take Web Accessibility Seriously

July 2012

  • Using ARIA in HTML5
  • Practical Web Accessibility Testing Tools
  • The Captcha monster: Automatic Website Captcha Code Filler
  • W3C HTML and WHATWG HTML 'split' effect on HTML Accessibility?
  • Achieving Online Accessibility (Yes, You Can!)
  • Why Keyboard Accessibility isn't the Same Thing as Screen Reader Accessibility

June 2012

  • Four Keys to System-wide Web Accessibility
  • My Take on the WebAIM Survey
  • The Case of the Missing alt Attribute
  • How to Ensure that You Pay More for Web Accessibility than You Should
  • Accessibility Testing as Alchemy
  • Accessible Client-side Form Validation with HTML5, WAI-ARIA, and the jQuery Validation Plugin

May 2012

  • Screen Reader User Survey #4 Results
  • Good Examples of Accessible Websites
  • What's "large text" in WCAG 2.0 parlance?
  • A Look Behind the Scenes--Part III: Website Accessibility Isn't an Exact Science
  • Hiding visible content from screen readers with aria-hidden
  • A11y Memes

April 2012

  • Screen Reader User Survey #4
  • Global Accessibility Awareness Day
  • Screen Reader Demos, Research and Resources
  • Improve Accessibility in HTML5 with WAI-ARIA Landmark Roles
  • Caption Format Converter
  • Hiding content untangled: Hiding vs. moving out of the visible viewport
  • Accessible Dropdown Menus

March 2012

  • Accessibility Certification: The Devil is in the Details
  • The Great Big List from the 2012 CSUN International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference
  • A11yBuzz
  • How to Add Closed Captions to Vimeo in 2 Easy Steps
  • PDF Accessibility Testing with JAWS, NVDA and Window-Eyes

February 2012

  • Assistive Technology Experiment: High Contrast
  • Guidelines for Ensuring Accessibility
  • Is PDF Accessible in Australia?
  • Web Accessibility Testing: Do Automatic Testing First
  • Does accessibility have to be perfect?
  • Rough Guide: browsers, operating systems and screen reader support
  • Web Accessibility Policy Making: An International Perspective

January 2012

  • WCAG Next
  • Are Delay Tactics Preventing Passage of New Section 508 Disability Law?
  • Keyboard Equivalent of Looking
  • HTML5 Accessibility Chops: title attribute use and abuse
  • New in accessibility in Firefox 10
  • Accessibility and Wordpress
  • Web Accessibility Conferences 2012
  • JAWS 11 and IE 9

December 2011

  • Alexa 100 Accessibility Errors
  • Back to Basics: Skip to Main Content Links
  • How Expensive is Accessibility?
  • Usability vs. Accessibility
  • Speaker Information and Handouts from Accessing Higher Ground 2011
  • From WAI-ARIA to HTML5 and Back... or Maybe Not?
  • BS8878's One Year Anniversary

November 2011

  • Semantic Automation
  • Accessibility WordPress Plug-ins: what does it mean?
  • CAPTCHA Alternatives
  • The Hidden Nuggets of WCAG 2: Information Relationships
  • Measuring Accessibility
  • Accessibility for Information Architects

October 2011

  • Assistive Technology Experiment: Dragon NaturallySpeaking
  • CSS, HTML, ARIA, browsers, assistive technology and interoperability
  • Accessibility Survey
  • Fluro Colors
  • Before and After

September 2011

  • Rocket Surgery and Accessibility User Testing
  • Enhanced accessibility in Docs, Sites and Calendar
  • The Difference Between Inclusive Design and Web Accessibility
  • Rough Guide: browsers, operating systems and screen reader support
  • Web Accessibility: Required, Not Optional
  • Language of Parts: Accessibility for Web Writers, part 12
  • Resources for Mobile Accessibility Guidelines

August 2011

  • Infographic: Web Accessibility for Designers
  • HTML5 Accessibility Chops: the figure and figcaption elements
  • Musings on Microsoft Office: Alt Text, Save as PDF and More
  • Pearson Guidelines for Accessible Educational Web Media
  • Accessibility in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion
  • 3 Ways to Make Check Boxes, Radio Buttons Easier to Click

July 2011

  • Web Accessibility and SEO
  • DOJ Delays Web Accessibility Regulations
  • Updated WAVE Toolbar
  • Accessible Twitter is now EasyChirp.com
  • HTML5 Accessibility Chops: ARIA landmark support
  • Real World Accessibility: HTML5, ARIA and the Modern Web
  • A simple introduction to web accessibility
  • APhont: A Font for Low Vision
  • Addressing Accessibility in Social Media

June 2011

  • Assistive Technology Experiment: ZoomText
  • PDF Techniques for WCAG 2.0
  • Education Department Releases Data on Students with Disabilities
  • Wells Fargo Accessibility Agreement
  • Barriers to Improving the Web Accessibility Game Plan
  • HTML5 and web accessibility: is there hope for inclusion?
  • WAT and aViewer Updates
  • On using h1 for all heading levels in HTML5
  • Accessibility and HTML5 Block Links

May 2011

  • WAVE5 Technology Preview
  • Resources for Writing for Web Accessibility
  • WSIWYG support for @longdesc today
  • HTML5 and Accessibility
  • The Angst of Accessibility

April 2011

  • The Assistive Technology Experiment
  • Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines (ATAG) 2.0 Updates
  • Web Accessibility: 10 Common Developer Mistakes
  • Keyboard Traps
  • HTML5 Accessibility Chops: the alt decision
  • In Defense of "Checklist Accessibility"
  • Longdesc & Other Long Image Description Solutions - Part 1: The Issues

March 2011

  • Microsoft Announces Free Accessibility Tools and Training to Developers
  • Web Accessibility Toolbar 2011
  • Accessible YouTube and HTML5 Video
  • Source order and display order should match
  • The Great Big List from the 2011 CSUN International Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference
  • UK Census: Why Target Screen Reader Users?
  • Why we should support users with no Javascript

February 2011

  • WebAIM Screen Reader User Survey #3 Results
  • AFB Announces Access Award Recipients
  • Dickensian Disney: not down with the kids
  • People of HTML5 - John Foliot
  • About Cognitive Accessibility and Related Articles
  • Accessible Web Design: Dyscalculia
  • 6 Surprising Bad Practices that Hurt Dyslexic Users
  • 5 Tips for Improving Readability on Your Website

January 2011

  • Updated PDF Accessibility Article
  • WebAIM's ADA ANPRM Response
  • NFB Announces Agreement with Travelocity
  • How Proper Use of Headings Will Make Your Website More Accessible
  • 25 Tips for Making Your Website More Accessible
  • 20 Essential Tools and Tips to an Accessible Website
  • Top Posts of 2010 from Accessibility Forum 2.0 Blog
  • Programmatically Determined
  • HTML5 Accessibility

December 2010

  • WebAIM's 2010 Year In Review
  • WebAIM Screen Reader User Survey
  • Alt Text Decision Tree
  • I Don't Want to Read More or Click Here
  • Make those links clickable, please!
  • Title Junk
  • Are Your HTML Emails Accessible?

November 2010

  • WebAIM Screen Reader User Survey
  • The Ghosts of ARIA Present and Future
  • Blind advocates allege Penn State services not blind friendly
  • A better way to author alternate text
  • A more accessible HTML5 video player
  • Using the HTML title attribute
  • Beware of -webkit-text-size-adjust:none
  • Survey of Mature Internet Users
  • An HTML5 plus ARIA "Sanity Check": Working Around Bugs in AT

October 2010

  • Using VoiceOver to Evaluate Web Accessibility
  • Meeting WCAG 2.0 with Flash
  • 10 Usability Crimes You Really Shouldn't Commit
  • Is Hiding Text with CSS Bad for Accessibility with SEO?
  • End Hover Abuse
  • Color Blindness Myths and Misunderstandings
  • HTML5 Accessibility

September 2010

  • WebAIM Aids eBay Accessibility Efforts
  • WAI-ARIA Revised and Ready for Last Call Working Draft Review
  • 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act passes U.S. Congress
  • Examples of Longdesc
  • You can't reliably detect screen readers
  • 10 Tools for Evaluating Accessibility
  • Why Users Fill Out Forms Faster with Top Aligned Labels

August 2010

  • Updated PowerPoint Accessibility Article
  • Giz Explains: How Blind People See the Internet
  • Developing an Accessible Star Ratings Widget
  • Accessing Drop Downs
  • What should be the minimum / maximum length of alternate text?
  • Web accessibility for cognitive disabilities and learning difficulties
  • Accessible ARIA Tabs

July 2010

  • Javascript as an accessibility concern
  • Dept. of Justice Considers Web for ADA
  • The ADA and the Web: Concerns and Misconceptions
  • Say No to noscript
  • Ten Common Accessibility Problems
  • Should photos in photo-sharing sites have alternate text?

June 2010

  • Future Web Accessibility Series: SVG, Canvas, and Updates
  • A Simple Way to Caption YouTube
  • Flash Techniques for WCAG 2.0
  • HTML5: Techniques for providing useful text alternatives
  • Writing text alternatives for maps

May 2010

  • Microsoft Word Accessibility
  • Future Web Accessibility Blog Series
  • Plain Language is Not Dumbing the Language Down
  • Kill Accessibility
  • If you use the accesskey attribute, specify unique values

April 2010

  • Future Web Accessibility: HTML5 <video>
  • WAVE5 Development Begins
  • Built-in or bolt-on accessibility
  • HTML5 and the myth of WAI-ARIA redundance
  • Using the lang attribute makes a difference
  • Creating Accessible Links in PDF's
  • Do we need a new game plan to make the Web accessible?

March 2010

  • CSUN 2010 Presentations
  • Section 508/255 Draft Guidelines
  • Hydraulics Could Enable Full Screen Braille Display
  • AOL Selects The Paciello Group to Enhance Accessibility of Dynamic Web Applications
  • When More is Less
  • Web Axe's CSUN Roundup

February 2010

  • Web Accessibility Preferences
  • Upcoming WebAIM events
  • GOALS Action Paper
  • The Serotek Ultimatum
  • Update on the Section 508 / Section 255 Guidelines
  • Winter Olympics Web Site Not Accessible
  • Resources on cognitive web accessibility research
  • What is Unclear About Captioning?

January 2010

  • Updated Section 508 Checklist
  • WAVE Dreamweaver Extension
  • Office 2010: Accessibility Investments & Document Accessibility
  • Jack Pickard Remembered
  • Fangs - the screen reader emulator
  • Contacting Organizations about Inaccessible Websites
  • Accessible HTML5 Video with JavaScripted captions

December 2009

  • Web accessibility no longer an afterthought
  • Accessibility: How Many Disabled Web Users Are There?
  • Cognitive Accessibility and WAVE - K-12 field test
  • An Idiot's Guide To Accessible Website Design
  • Involving Users in Web Projects for Better, Easier Accessibility
  • JAWS ate my tables
  • 10 Simple Web Accessibility Tips You Can Do Today
  • How to Maintain the Accessibility of Your Site

November 2009

  • Reflections on 10 Years
  • Transparency without Accessibility
  • NVDA release
  • New Accessibility in Firefox
  • One a Day Guidelines to Accessibility
  • Google Adds Automated Captions

October 2009

  • Screen Reader User Survey Results
  • Google Wave Preview Accessibility Review
  • Accessibility at Google
  • Captioning YouTube Videos and Providing Accessible Controls
  • Why Web Accessibility Efforts Fail

September 2009

  • Screen Reader User Survey
  • Accessible Twitter Wins Award
  • Keyboard accessibility - basic steps towards a more usable and accessible site
  • Google Chrome Frame - accessibility black hole
  • Are PDF's More Important Than Web Accessibility?

August 2009

  • Evaluating Cognitive Web Accessibility
  • Fall Web Accessibility Events
  • Readability: An arc90 Laboratory Experiment
  • Accessibility Jargon Decoded
  • Web Accessibility Tools List

July 2009

  • Overview of WebAIM Cognitive Research
  • WAVE Survey
  • Obama to Sign UN Treaty
  • WebAIM Blog: WCAG 2.0 and Link Colors
  • Where is the business case for accessibility?
  • Just how accessible is SVG?
  • The Inclusion Principle

June 2009

  • WebAIM blog: Screen Reader Testing is Back in Style
  • WebAIM blog: Working in Web Accessibility
  • Introducing The Open Web Education Alliance
  • Shared Web Experiences: Barriers Common to Mobile Device Users and People with Disabilities
  • Purpose of the summary Attribute
  • Making compromises for accessibility
  • The debate over page zooming vs. text scaling

May 2009

  • Using NVDA to Evaluate Web Accessibility
  • WAVE Available in Spanish
  • InterAct Translations and Localizations
  • Institutional indicators for web accessibility in postsecondary education
  • Gez Lemon Interview & ARIA
  • Jared Smith of WebAIM - Interview
  • Seven Tips for Designing for Older Users
  • Even Grounds blog series on disability and accessibility

April 2009

  • Accessibility Blog Roundup II
  • Twitter Accessibility Roundup
  • Updated WAVE Toolbar
  • Do Not Create Empty Links
  • How to Use NVDA and Firefox to Test Your Web Pages for Accessibility
  • The Paciello Group webinars on PDF Forms and Flash
  • Patterns for WAI-ARIA landmark roles in existing HTML

March 2009

  • Screen Reader Survey Updates
  • New WAVE Version Released
  • WebAIM/TPG Partnership
  • Accessibility to the Face
  • Hiding Content for Screen Readers
  • NVDA - a Free, Open Source Screen Reader
  • Leveling the Playing Field: We're all Differently Abled

February 2009

  • Responses to WebAIM's screen reader survey
  • WAI-ARIA Last Call, and Safari 4
  • NFB Files Lawsuit Against Law School Admissions Council (LSAC)
  • Project GOALS seeks input
  • Accessible Twitter
  • Twitter Focus

January 2009

  • Screen Reader Survey Results
  • WCAG 2.0 Checklist
  • Color Contrast Checker
  • 15 Tools If You Are (Not) Colorblind
  • Headings, heading hierarchy, and document outlines
  • Requiring the alt Attribute in HTML5

December 2008

  • Screen Reader Survey
  • WCAG 2.0 Finalized
  • Color Contrast Tools
  • Ten Tips for Creating Usable and Accessible PDFs
  • Making Google Maps more Accessible
  • Developing Accessible Widgets Using ARIA

November 2008

  • New Accessibility Quick References
  • WAVE Translation Project Begins
  • WCAG 2.0: Proposed Recommendation Status
  • Designing for Dyslexics
  • Is Your (Website's) Underwear Showing?
  • Accessibility: Making Video and Audio Usable For The Deaf
  • Wordpress and Accessibility

October 2008

  • Accessibility of Rich Internet Applications
  • Updated ARIA Accessibility Toolbar
  • Multiple Form Labels and Screen Readers
  • Javascript and screen readers
  • Linkification, part II

September 2008

  • Update on WAVE
  • WebAIM to Present at Accessing Higher Ground
  • Target, YouTube, Fangs, and More
  • Contrast Analyser, Version 2.1
  • Legacy defeats consistency in IE 8's Web 2.0 accessibility effort
  • Creating an accessible yet sexy search box with CSS

August 2008

  • Web Accessibility Gone Wild
  • Target lawsuit settled
  • Freedom Machines to air Sept. 9
  • GOALS Survey
  • Assistive Technology: a video tour of accessibility
  • Deafness and the User Experience

July 2008

  • Steppingstones Literature Review Summary
  • The Survey, 2008
  • Social Accessibility - Threes a Crowd?
  • Opera Web Standards Curriculum
  • Language, Abbreviations, and Quotes

June 2008

  • Update on ADA
  • Web 2.0 Webinar
  • The Accessibility Checklist I Vowed I'd Never Write
  • Migrating from WCAG 1.0 to WCAG 2.0
  • hAccessibility redux?
  • Easy Flickr, Easy YouTube, and Easy Slideshare

May 2008

  • PDF Accessibility
  • WCAG 2.0 Advances to Candidate Recommendation
  • Accessibility Evaluators Aren't Worthless
  • Best Practices: Writing for Accessibility
  • Making Twitter Tweet - Using the TPG Notifier

April 2008

  • 508 and Higher Ed.
  • UN Ratifies Disability Treaty
  • Donate to John Slatin Fund, get an evaluation
  • The Plague of Outline:0
  • WebAnywhere - A Screen Reader on the Go

March 2008

  • Cognitive Disability Survey
  • WAVE Toolbar and Blog Available
  • IE8, Standards Compliance, and ARIA
  • HTML 5 and Accessibility
  • Developing an Effective Text-resizing Widget

February 2008

  • Microsoft Word Accessibility
  • WCAG Samurai errata released
  • Bobby is Gone
  • Screen Readers lack emphasis
  • Using Standards Doesn't Make It Right

January 2008

  • Introducing WAVE 4.0
  • JAWS License Not Developer Friendly
  • Target.com Update
  • Social networking sites lock out disabled users
  • Creating accessible PDFs from Word 2007

December 2007

  • Using JAWS to Evaluate Web Accessibility
  • WCAG 2.0 Last Call Working Draft
  • Overdoing Accessibility
  • Screen Reader Demonstration
  • A Preview of HTML 5

November 2007

  • Webaim/NCDAE to explore web accessibility in accreditation
  • G3ict Website Launched
  • Alt text and linked images
  • Tips For Creating Great Web Forms
  • Graceful E-Mail Obfuscation
  • Fieldsets, Legends and Screen Readers

October 2007

  • Section 508 to be updated
  • Will Target Get Schooled?
  • Colour Contrast Visualiser
  • Findings from the Web Design Survey
  • JAWS Keyboard Commands/Shortcuts
  • Videos of People Using Assistive Technology
  • A Comparative: Accessibility and Usability

August 2007

  • The HTML 5 Image Element
  • JAWS 9.0 with AJAX Support?
  • Too much accessibility: Good intentions, badly implemented
  • Comparing Tagged PDFs from Office and Acrobat
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Update

July 2007

  • WebAIM Work on Cognitive Disabilities
  • HTML 5 Draft
  • Web Axe Podcast 52: REL Attribute
  • Checkbox Maker

June 2007

  • WCAG 2.0
  • Using JAWS and Window Eyes on your Mac
  • Colorblind Web Page Filter
  • Improving Accessibility Through Typography
  • Accessible Expanding and Collapsing Menu

May 2007

  • The Great Accessibility Blog Roundup
  • Updated WCAG 2.0 Draft
  • What's Happening With WCAG 2.0?
  • Search Engine Friendly vs. Search Engine Optimized
  • Overcoming Objections to Accessibility

April 2007

  • WebAIM Quick Reference Sheets
  • Amazon.com and NFB join forces
  • Accessible Web 2.0 Applications with WAI-ARIA
  • Choosing an Accessible CMS

March 2007

  • CSUN 2007
  • Spam-free accessible forms
  • WaSP Street Team
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Self-Study Training Course

February 2007

  • Microsoft Expression Web
  • Oracle Sued by Blind Workers in Texas
  • University of Minnesota Duluth Accessibility Resources
  • Web Captioning
  • Multi-column Layouts

January 2007

  • 2006: A Year in Review
  • Numeric Access Keys Fixed in Firefox
  • Seven accessibility mistakes you don't want to make
  • Search and Accessibility
  • Index of Government Guidelines for Web Sites

December 2006

  • Introduction to Web Accessibility updated
  • United Nations report only 3% of major sites are accessible.
  • User-Proofing Ajax
  • OpenOffice.org Impress
  • Firebug 1.0

November 2006

  • Browser Updates
  • Firefox: An open source accessibility success story
  • Click here and other meaningless link phrases
  • Don't Provide an Accessibility Statement
  • Jared Smith's Refresh the Web Presentation

October 2006

  • OpenOffice.org and Accessibility Part 1: Writer
  • The Future of Web Accessibility
  • The Great Accessibility Camp-Out
  • Web Axe Interview
  • Talklets

September 2006

  • Firefox Accessibility
  • Target.com Lawsuit Moves Forward
  • NCDAE Tips and Tools: OpenOffice.org Writer
  • Using the title Attribute
  • Text-Resize Detection

August 2006

  • Appropriate Use of Alternative Text
  • Google Accessibility Search
  • Web Accessibility: Web Standards and Regulatory Compliance
  • JavaScript Event Tests Part 1: mouseover

July 2006

  • Section 508 Checklist
  • PAS 78: a guide to good practice in commissioning accessible websites
  • NCDAE Joins Access Board
  • The Most Common CSS Markup Errors
  • microformats.org

June 2006

  • WebAIM's New Website
  • WebAIM's Jared Smith Joins WaSP
  • Explore the DOM with Firebug
  • Photosensitive Epilepsy Analysis Tool (PEAT)
  • Making Ajax Work with Screen Readers

May 2006

  • Usable and Accessible Form Validation and Error Recovery
  • NCDAE Tips and Tools: Adobe Acrobat & PDF
  • Let the Buyer be Aware: The Importance of Procurement in Accessibility Policy
  • Build Half a Product: Is Ajax Accessible? At All?

April 2006

  • Web Accessibility Policies (and Pseudo Policies) in Postsecondary Institutions
  • Using CSS to Create a Two-Column Layout
  • Greasemonkey Form Help
  • Accessibility Color Wheel
  • Levels of Accessibility

March 2006

  • The Importance of Human Evaluation
  • Seven Accessibility Mistakes
  • Evaluation of WYSISYG-editors
  • Microsoft Word Fact Sheet

February 2006

  • Creating Accessible CSS
  • CSS in Action: Invisible Content Just for Screen Reader Users
  • Writing a Good Accessibility Statement
  • From the Top: The Title Element
  • NCDAE Tips and Tools: Microsoft PowerPoint Factsheet
  • Creating Accessible Macromedia Flash Content

January 2006

  • Accessibility of AJAX Application
  • Simple, Accessible External Links
  • Thinking Outside the Grid
  • CommonLook Review From WebAIM
  • Release of the Web Developer Extension 1.0
  • Web Page Analyzer 0.961

December 2005

  • Using Wave 3.5
  • Report on Wave/Invitation to Participate
  • 24 Ways
  • Semantic Typography: Bridging the XHTML gap
  • NCDAE Bi-monthly Newsletter
  • WCAG 2.0 and ATAG 2.0 Working Drafts

November 2005

  • An Introduction to NCDAE's Tips and Tools: Macromedia Breeze
  • How To: Anchor Text (Don't Click Here!)
  • Form Help without Popups
  • Sim Daltonism
  • Character References Explained

October 2005

  • Testing with Screen Readers: A Hypothetical Conversation
  • Navigation ? Our Visitors' Travel Guide
  • Methods for Measuring Text Readability
  • Web Essentials 05 Podcasts
  • Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar Beta
  • IBM Systems Journal

September 2005

  • Hypertext Links
  • Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility with the Firefox Web Developer Toolbar
  • Using the AIS Toolbar
  • Facts and Opinions About PDF Accessibility

August 2005

  • Adobe Acrobat PDF
  • Label Positioning
  • The Voice of the Web
  • The Microsoft Internet Explorer Weblog
  • Color Contrast

July 2005

  • Constructing a POUR Website
  • Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
  • Communicating Error Messages Accessibly
  • Web Standards Project (WaSP) Accessibility Task Force
  • The VIP Consumer

June 2005

  • Accessibility and Macromedia Breeze
  • Ten Questions for Joe Clark
  • Side by Side WCAG vs. 508
  • DO-IT Streaming Video Presentations

May 2005

  • Conceptual Framework for Accessibility Tools to Benefit Users with Cognitive Disabilities
  • Toward User-Centered, Scenario-Based Planning and Evaluation Tools
  • Validating an Entire Site
  • Usability Frosting for you Accessibility Cake
  • Spruced-up Site Maps
  • Mac OS X Tiger's VoiceOver
  • Usability Testing Without a Budget

April 2005

  • The Web Developer Extension for Mozilla-based Browsers
  • Lower-Literacy Users
  • More Nifty Corners
  • Accessible Content Magazine
  • Access Matters

March 2005

  • WebAIM's Web Accessibility Resource Planner (WARP): Resource Highlights
  • The 'lang' Attribute
  • Efficient CSS with Shorthand Properties
  • Beta Version: Web Accessibility Visualizer
  • Colour Analyser 1.0 & Colour Contrast Check

February 2005

  • Web Accessibility Resource Planner
  • Accessibility Features in Adobe Reader 7
  • Developing Site for Users with Cognitive Disabilities and Learning Difficulties
  • Guidelines for Accessible and Usable Web Sites:Observing Users Who Work with Screen Readers
  • 2004 Survey on Access Technology in Higher Education
  • VIS: Visual Impairment Simulator
  • Accessible Technologies for All Students

January 2005

  • WebAIM's Response to the National Education Technology Plan and Call for Action
  • Web Accessibility podGuide
  • Designing Web Site for Older Users: Comparing AARP's Studies to Earlier Findings
  • Access Learning
  • Connect Outloud
  • Accessibility Evaluation Practices: Survey

December 2004

  • Email Access: From the Perspective of an Individual with a Visual Impairment
  • Accessibility: On a shoe string
  • Fangs: The Firefox Screen Reader Emulator Extension
  • Stylegala's CSS Reference Index

November 2004

  • Using FrontPage 2003 to Create Accessible Content
  • CSS and Round Corners: Build Accessible Menu Tabs
  • Overview: Planning Web Accessibility Training
  • How Can I Select a Web Accessibility Software Tool?

October 2004

  • Creating Accessible Macromedia Flash Content
  • The Top Twenty Tips for Twenty Minutes of Testing
  • The XHTML Way
  • UITest.com User Interface Test Resources

September 2004

  • Accessibility Features of DreamWeaver MX and MX 2004
  • Web Accessibility Wizard for Microsoft Office Version 2.0
  • Best Practices in Online Captioning
  • New Standard for Text Email Newsletters

August 2004

  • Cognitive Disabilities Part 1 & 2
  • Microsoft study of accessible technology
  • MathPlayer 2.0
  • aDesigner

July 2004

  • Creating Accessible JavaScript
  • CourseGenie from Connected Learning
  • Question Time
  • Flash Accessibility White Paper

June 2004

  • Assessing Assessments: The Inequality of Electronic Testing
  • Guild of Accessible Web Designers (GAWDS)
  • Hermish.com
  • YouSearched.com

May 2004

  • An Accessible Method of Hiding HTML Content
  • Optimizing Your Chances with Accessibility
  • Accessible Search Engine Optimisation Techniques
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0

April 2004

  • Accessible Taxes? A blind man's experience with the US tax system
  • Understanding the User perspective
  • An accessible distance education tutorial

March 2004

  • WebAIM Online Symposium
  • A Review of Free, Online Accessibility Tools
  • Conducting Accessibility and Usability Testing
  • Web Accessibility Toolbar for Internet Explorer

February 2004

  • Captioning your Audio
  • Have you checked your site for color?
  • Vischeck & ColorMatch Remix
  • Web Publishing Accessibility Wizard for Microsoft Office

January 2004

  • University Web Accessibility Policies: A Bridge Not Quite Far Enough
  • Are PDF documents really accessible to all?
  • Alternative Web Browsing