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Updated WCAG 2.0 Draft

As was noted in last week’s interview with Judy Brewer, the Web Accessibility Initiative has been making significant changes to WCAG 2.0. An updated draft of WCAG 2.0 has just been published and is open for review and comment. Many people were critical of the previous draft published over a year ago. I believe this update addresses many of the concerns that were brought at that time and since. It’s certainly not yet perfect, so I encourage everyone that is passionate about web accessibility to take some time and review these documents and submit comments if you see problems. If you don’t, at least do us all the favor of not complaining about the guidelines when they are published. Comments are due by 29 June 2007.



  1. Dennis

    Good point Jared! If you don’t send in any comments, then don’t complain about anything when it’s published! All-in-all, I think WCAG 2.0 is looking pretty good…