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Using Adaptive features for increasing TV apps Accessibility

Contrast Question for 1.4.3

Reference to physical models or tactile graphics in audio descriptions?

Making characters in their own div show as one word to a screen reader?

Track Changes - Best Practices for showing document revisions in Word, PDF, and HTML?

Accessibility of EPUB vs PDF

Web Developer CSS Question

Fall positive in Acrobat Pro 2017 accessibility checker

Carousel not accessible

testing keyboard access without a screen reader

Two web accessibility positions at the University of Michigan

Auditing Calendars

detecting caption files?

Link vs Button for "Cancel"

Dropdown Menus

Does incorrect heading use violate WCAG 2.4.6 or just 1.3.1?

Making mobile view available to all as way of constraining a11y testing costs

formal statements and readability

PDF editing and Jaws

Voice over focus v/s Keyboard focus

hardware keybaord accessibility on IPAD and IPAD mini issue

ARIA tag: when a dropdown exposes a new form elements

Primary content navigation with screen readers

PAC 3.0 is out

Voiceover behaviour with electron framework

Alternative presentation of content

Autoplay of media

Breadcrumbs, aria-current, and tabindex zero

CommonLook failures and HHS requirements

WCAG 2.0 1.4.4 relating to form elements

Column headers are not navigable in grid

WCAG 2.0 1.4.4 relating to form elements

Carousel next and previous buttons

Digital Accessibility Specialist position at Yale University

Ember.js Dialogs

Firefox Accessible Way To Inspect Individual Elements?

FW: Now available, a downloadable archive of Visual ARIA for use offline or behind corporate firewalls

Screen reader behaviour > tabindex=-1

Adding ARIA tag to "Click here" links?

Proof of compliance?

Visual description for video

3rd party IT accessibility testing

status of jQuery and accessibility

Watermarks in Word docs

::before pseudo element not receiving focus in Safari

displaying Tabindex on pages

Layout tables

Mobile Switch Testing

Pdf heading levels

Average Time to Create an Accessible PDF

SC 3.3.2 - visible labels required?