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PDF Techniques Accessibility Summit

Context menu Accessiility

4.1.3: Status Messages-New SC in the WCAG 2.1

PDF Form question

508 "duties" - is this typical?

Collapsible Breadcrumb Pattern

WCAG2 and Section 508

ARIA Grid Discussion

Accessibility for a MCQ Test

Query on recurring meeting

Accessible names of iframes


Advise required on building automation tool in Android

Opens a simulated dialog

FutureLearn inclusion and digital accessibility MOOCs 3rd Sept and Oct 8th start dates.

Checkbox related issue

Accessible CMS

WCAG 2.1 - 1.3.5 - How to capture a violation?

Reclaiming ADA court costs from developers

Is it okay to change ARIA role with JavaScript after page load?

When "Alt" is not the semantically-correct representation of an image

en-dash, dash and minus

Web: Examining True Font Size With Screen Reader

How Screen Reader should read Single Page Application?

WebAIM-Forum Digest, Vol 160, Issue 27

no alt-text: lesser of two evils?

accessible database

jaws not updating virtual buffer when document., title changes

Hidden headings with aria-labelledby or just aria-label best for for labelling landmark regions?

aria1.1 cell role

What ARIA role should a pointer have?

Guidelines clarification

Opportunity for contracting role

Firefox, about:cofig: "Browse with caret" required for accessibility?

Multiple documents in a single webpage

Confirmation of actions - violation or feature?

Controlling focus in a dialog and an app dialog

NVDA Input Fields: Is This New Behavior

aria-label issue with JAWS

Interpretation of WCAG 1.4.13

Regular Web Conferencing Session for Accessibility Professionals?

Accessibility Inspector blog and demo

UI toasts, notifications and conforming to time limits (2.2.1)


Opens In New Window

mouse double click distance

Lengthy Tables, Lists, and Screen Readers

alert issue

does anyone use firefox's ctrl+tab feature?

360 degree panoramic images

The Slido app and accessibility