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Screen Reader Usable Baseball Standings

Shindig Video Chat Platform

Please Add Thoughts and Votes to Have Google API Follow WCAG

JAWS domains

JAWS Error

Maroon on white turns to all white for individual with colorblindness?

Responsive web design and it's accessibility

AHG 2018: 10 days left to submit 2nd-round proposals

Accessibility with Display Ads

Medical terms and acronyms

Webinar Platforms

Good external keyboard only a11y for iOS/UIKit/Swift

Team Collaboration Software

Any ARIA conforming tab panels out there in the wild?

WCAG 2.1

  • WCAG 2.1 by Kakarla Meharoon (May 18, 2018 12:50am)
  • Re: WCAG 2.1 by Alastair Campbell (May 18, 2018 2:42am)
  • Re: WCAG 2.1 by glen walker (May 18, 2018 9:56am)

Fwd: [games_access] Infernium accessibility business case

Labelling multi-answer questions

Question about using role with main and application

Reports products from web application

Google Lighthouse with a screenreader?

IOS pronunciation issue

Info graphic description

JAWS and lists

Can a list item contain a button as its child?

Problems with role="tree"

Windows 10 April Update may break your JAWS licensing

AccessibilityOz is hiring a Sales Associate

Free MOOC on "Inclusive Design for Online Education."

Figures and Captions and Alt-text oh my...

How do you assess your 3rd party vendors ?

Labelling a "fill in the blank" form field


Is this Navigation or a Menu? How should it work?

Disabled button

axesPDF QuickFix updated to v1.3, now incorporates PAC 3 plus possible other new functions

Screen Reader Usable Baseball Standings

input type file - label not announced?

Tree role in a forum?

Use of colour

Fwd: Job opening in a reputed company for experienced Accessibility tester in Hyderabad location

Message bounce test

Patreon accessibility legal action.


Teach Access Curriculum Development Awards application now available!

WAI Website Redesign ready to use

Posting for a digital accessibility analyst position at the University of Guelph

Table Headers In Separate Table From Data

closest alternatives to semantic UI

Input mask for currency?

email address @ vs. AT or use of an image for the @ symbol

job posting: Senior Accessibility Video Architect in Denver, CO