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Does WCAG require headings start at 1?

Making offline Magazines accessible?

Creating accessible technical how-to video content

best practice for Americanized foreign words

ARIA Sliders now work correctly in iOS using swipe gestures

Responsive, Accessible, Tables Code Samples

Description lists in PDF using LI, Lbl and LBody

Digital Accessibility Internship at Elsevier

[EXT] Label in name

Question on NVDA behaviour when reading menu items

Measuring colours accurately in mobile apps

accessiBe are seeking credibility by association

playing video without audio

Version 4.1 of SkipTo.js is available to implement Bypass Blocks requirement of WCAG

Simulate Voice Control

Query regarding 200% zoom

Accessibility of Paychex Web portal

declare the language in spans for Hebrew - left to right? Right to left?

Scalable Accessible Drag and Drop is Now Available

Acalog use of tables without role equals presentation

[WebAim] failures of the jaws scripting.

Section 508 and retail outlets in the US

Adding languages to Adobe InDesign

Managing focus on Android

Visual focus indicator when using VO on iPhone

Accessible QR Code App

PDF remediation of files pulled from library databases.

Using <legend> and <fieldset> on a single drop-down.

Good Example of an ARIA-Label Bug

Regarding VPAT and litigation

Accessibility Testing TRAINING

Question regarding live caption

Text exposed on Hover

10 quick accessibility tests everyone can do

Best contact for university collaboration with WebAIM

information on the type of technology used for the effect in this web page

Getting the 'Global' in GAAD - Translations from W3C WAI

the accessible network drive client for screen reader

Fixing OCR issues in PDF with Adobe Acrobat Pro

WebAIM-Forum Digest, Vol 194, Issue 9

the 10th GAAD is May 20

Can someone list out some differences between JAWS and NVDA screen reader when it comes to Accessibility?

Questions about NVDA and JAWS

PDF problem with jumbled content in the page content pannel

weirdness with NVDA reading multidecimal numbers

RFP: AHG 2021: 1 day left to submit 1st-round proposals

Tables with clickable rows

Label in name

How long does it take to caption/transcribe videos with a desktop solution (and which would you recommend)

Screenreader Combo Failing aria-labelledby

Section 508 VPAT question