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zoom and jaws

Accessible PDF Courses

accessible PDF Training Course

Global Accessibility Awareness Day events

Pop-up question

google docs

Citations and scientific publications: Invisible headings?

Identifying fello users running into barriers on Paychex.com

can redundant placeholder text be considered "incidental"?

combobox keyboard interaction?

Aria-describedby for entire checkbox grouping?

reflow and PDFs

Tab focus on Non Interactive Elements :

Regarding SC 1.3.1

WebAIM-Forum Digest, Vol 206, Issue 8

Best screen reader suported solution for javascript-less table with radio inputs

PDF Form issue

jira and confluence training with unstoppable as part of global accessibility awareness day

Voiceover with Table

Totara LMS

  • Totara LMS by chagnon@pubcom.com (May 9, 2022 9:31am)

Inclusive Design 24 call for presentations

Assignment PDFs

Screen reader reading words as run-on

How to share ALT text with a file

Reference to not add formatting attributes to Heading tags

Content remains below the fold when focussed

Job announcements

Virtual Store- Accessibility

priority accessibility issues

AHG 2022 first-round deadline for proposals is this Friday

enter key to check radio button?

When to use WCAG 2.4.3and WCAG 2.1.1

Recommendation -A11y Automation tool for CI/CD Pipeline

Lang attributes not being respected by VoiceOver in select options?

PDF with multimedia/audio

Ideas to display video/audio transcripts


  • iaap by Nathan Clark (Apr 20, 2022 7:35am)


Compliance v/s Usability

some exalent job postings at berkeley and more

ARIA Polite VS Assertive

Accessibility a external content

W3C-WAI turns 25!

Question on descriptive control labels

Checking font sizes in Android and iOS mobile apps?

Tab controls and WCAG 1.4.10 Reflow

mobile accessibility testing

dhs course accessibility

drop in tutoring

Semi-inert modals

Optimizing accessibility in sheet music