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  •  by Ramakrishnan Subramanian (Jul 6, 2020 10:02pm)

Accessible data science software?

SVG accessibility

Certification courses

PDF Reflow oddness in Adobe Acrobat/Reader

Screen reader accessibility to Uncertain Character Format

Diving into web-accessibility, what to start with?

Noscript getting flagged


Pa11y testing tool query

Pa11y testing tool query

ARIA grid versus HTML table

Hidden content for screen reader

Help with PDF

has any one ever herd of this consulting firm

css flex and accessibility

WebAIM-Forum Digest, Vol 183, Issue 21

Radio Button strange behaviour in Firefox.

does talkback should announce a UI control as a button

your thoughts on the WCAG test procedures

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NVDA read all question

Onboarding Video animation on Mobile

value of re-testing after manual accessibility audit

3.2.1 On focus

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Frame and IFrame

Angular and WCAG 4.1.1

Mismatch between PDF Object Properties Content Tag and Structure Tag

Test Criteria for 1.4.4 Resize Text for native apps

Error alert and edit field focus

If default navigation is not keyboard accessible does an alternative access mean it still passes AA WCAG?

accuracy rate for live captioning

Table Accessibility

ARIA-Multiselectable and JAWS?

NVDA keytroke no lomger works

Row / Column resize using keyboard

Dimmed static text

Accessible Media Production graduate program is online in September

Is VoiceOver more similar to NVDA or JAWS with respect to the accessibility tree?

Best mark-up for process navigation

conveying expand/collapse state with details/summary elements

Accessible class registration system

2.1.4 Character key short cuts

WebAIM-Forum Digest, Vol 182, Issue 26

Role Model Challenge for more Images of Those of us with Disabilities in Education and Professional Environments

Interesting article of 10 million pages results for a11y

Webinar on Accessibility of colors

detecting if someone makes their own custom button

Z-Order and Tag Order Need to Match?