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Web-based training_watermarks

US Government site uses an overlay?

PDFlib and Link tags

Fwd: [Athen] Virtual STEM Accessibility Conference: Starting with Math

Accessibility of LaTeX

Accessibility of Signature Text Editor

Document Accessibility Analysis (like the WebAIM Million but for documents)

Free Webinar - Ask the Experts Part 2

Job posting for a Digital Accessibility Coordinator at the University of Guelph

Fix for Acrobat is another disaster

Update: PDF Maker problems

multiple aria-live regions on a single action

WebAIM-Forum Digest, Vol 198, Issue 14

Testing SC 1.4.12 in multiple browsers

does every one else ind tables are problimatic with your clients

Early Registration Savings for Accessing Higher Ground 2021 Onsite Conference Ends Friday

Serious bugs in latest Acrobat update: DO NOT UPDATE

Job Opening: EIT Accessibility Officer - University at Buffalo

Drag and drop resources

ANNOUNCEMENT: Information Accessibility Design and Policy (IADP) Online Professional Certificate from University of Illinois

Any specific Guidance on evaluation methods for WCAG 2.1 SC on Native/hybrid mobile apps?

accessible carousel?

Creating a digital approach to paper forms

YouTube's lack of support for detailed text transcripts

Does 1.4.10 essentially replace 1.4.4?

EN 301 549 Video requirements discussion

Chrome v Microsoft Edge?

Voiceover on iPhones Dynamic focus content issue.

Is screen-reader silence on button activation a failure? If so, what does it fail?

Inclusive Design 24 on 23 September

Software vs Web testing

remote mobile app tests - sharing screen and audio (android)

query on the lazy loading

Accessible ways to read pdf documents with screen readers on windows

accessible news letter plugin/ platform that works with a wordpress website.

VoiceOver and PDF table headers... again

Screen Readers: Best Practices with Transcripts and Symbols?

User Research around the accessibility of components?

RDP Access

  • RDP Access by Raghavendra Janivarada (Aug 31, 2021 12:28am)

Arrow key navigation in the conversation list of a chat application

What screen-readers highlight words as they are read?

Landmarks on Mobile web

OneNote Documents hosted on SharePoint

query on the alternative map widget

4 ARIA common mistakes Blog article

Question: link text / accessible name

What does "life-cycle" mean in the ARIA 1.2 specification?

HTML specs - can I whine for a minute?

Safari Voice Over: Empty Groups

thead th and scope="col" and "row"