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Proof of compliance?

Visual description for video

Firefox Accessible Way To Inspect Individual Elements?

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3rd party IT accessibility testing

status of jQuery and accessibility

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Infographics standards

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PDF Day in Washington DC on January 29

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508 Training (recommendations?)

ELearning modules

PDF and Order

Testing screen reader compatibility with browsers.

Skip to Main Content takes a user to a "blank line" above the h1 it's supposed to

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WebAIM-Forum Digest, Vol 152, Issue 18 - 508 Training (recommendations?)

Role=alert > error messages in forms

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conundrum with sufficient contrast on menu items

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PDF structures

Title Attribute speaking Right Language in Wrong accent, but the rest of the page is fine

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toast accessibility

Count down to #ID24

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pdf to html

funny reading of CAD 1 by NVDA

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empty e-mails

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